I was raped by Leonard Cohen.

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I was raped by Leonard Cohen.

Post by Ria on Thu Jun 15, 2017 3:46 pm

Elisabeth Jane Buchanan
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I was raped by Leonard Cohen. 
And... My mother was also an orphan in Montreal, and was abused by nuns and priests before M K ultra existed.
She was 12 when her father gave her and her 13 year old sister to orphanage.
She also got polio there and curvature of spine. She told horror stories in whispers. 
When she was 15 she was put out to work as a servant for the Cohen bloodline, where she was beaten, raped and tortured. Leonard Cohen is from Montreal. 
As an 18 year old I went to Expo 67, in Montreal. 
My boyfriend and I went to a comedy club. Leonard Cohen, same family, was there. He wanted to be a comic, was a poet at the time. 
He approached me and said what he said to lots of women I gather. 
He told me I am the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and asked me if Jimmy, my boyfriend was my brother. 
A decade later I met him again when he was singing in Denver where I lived. He was singing in a club, someone told me, I went, although I don't go to clubs. 
He wanted to be with me and marry me which was also maybe a common line of his. 
After demanding he leave my apt, due to abuse, he continued. The Hallelujah song was written after our sexual experiences. 
He claimed it was a Spiritual experience. It was unique indeed 
Broken Hallelujah he called it, in part due to making him leave. 
It is riddled with Illuminati symbols. He tried to recruit me into his Lucifer's Masonic belief system, and told me he worked for CIA and was 33rd degree mason.
I told him where he could go and that is where he is. 
At gunpoint, to my head, he forced me into pornography, and a child was brought in. 
I was on my hands and knees, a position I was forced to be in by way of death threats. I was more terrified than I had ever been. He forced me to say I love you with gun to side of my head. 
He was wearing SM leather including a mask that covered his face. 
I started crying harder when they brought a child in.He didn't seem to notice torrents of tears or my shaking, until then... . He told them to bring the child to him later. 
The camera man raped me too, saying let me at her you are not enough for her, referring to Cohens penis size. 
It was then gang rape, as another one raped me too. 
I have not had sexual relationship with a man, or relationship at all since then. It was 1978. He stalked me my entire life saying I am the one he loves. 
Many of his songs were written as a result. 
My mother told me the year she died.... He looks just like him dear, I thought he came back from the dead. 
She meant his family member she worked for and lived with....who satanically ritually abused her. 
My mother became MPD DID probably as a result of extreme abuse. 
My brother confirmed some of my childhood memories. 
I was doing Primal Therapy in Denver for childhood abuse. 
Mum acted out abuse on me. 
I wasted time trying to get Leonard to be a whistle-blower. He told me it wasn't him who did those things it was ' the other'...who he writes about in song. 
He too was MPD, DID. He was heavily involved in MK ultra. 
This in part was what he was trying to do to me. 
As a Primal Therapist, which I later became, I was focusing on abuse creating abuse, and hoped to get help for him
The feminist therapist he went to at my request was not encouraging. Psychopaths cannot change, no conscience was detected.

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