Bases 68 Interdimensional Insects Part 1

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Bases 68 Interdimensional Insects Part 1

Post by Spiral on Wed Jun 28, 2017 4:00 pm

Published on 28 Jun 2017

Scuttlers, interdimensional insects, metalic ET tek man made, that infest information systems. Or creatures of the matrix.
After over 2 decades sitting on "There's a Spider on your Back" (about 2ft wide, invisible to most) I have decided to push this subject through. Here we have an extremely high perceptive person from Poland, who articulates in great detail, and provided drawings of what these creatures, or information parasites look like.
Some call them "psychic ticks". They have "archonic origins" some say. Chris Thomas described them as being made with ET technology by mankind... and able to mask themselves from 3D.

I saw my first big one inside the high power RF cabinet in the output stage of the 10KW FM transmitter at Energy 106, and years before, they were seen attaching to staff at a major west London Broadcaster. Then a British Psy Spy agent in Belfast, mentioned how they were found at Power Stations. and so on..

After discussing this at Awake and Aware, on June 25th 2017(High Elms Manor), I have had numerous cases reported to me about spiders that crawl out of the keyboard and go into the stomach of a user... Nice.

Some refer to them as "creatures with many legs" DJINN? whatever, we really need to pay very close attention to them.

Part 1 with Barbara; further parts will follow as and when further details are found on these horrible giant interdimensional insects.

'they look like a spider and move like a crab, and you only see them for about 3 seconds..

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