Solaris BlueRaven interviews John Stormm Ravenstar's Witching Hour

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Solaris BlueRaven interviews John Stormm Ravenstar's Witching Hour

Post by Ria on Tue Aug 08, 2017 3:00 pm

Ravenstar's Witching Hour 08-06-2017 John Stormm hour one

Solaris BlueRaven interviews John Stormm.

John was born in 1953 in a family of hereditary witches that count their ancestry all too many centuries ago in ancient Tara.

He was raised and trained in the craft, as the only male witch in his family by his grandmother. He has grandchildren of his own.

He began serious martial arts training in 1963.

His sensei became his father figure. He strove for perfection, holding a Second Degree Black Belt in Mas Oyamas Karate, and a master’s ranking in Chinese Kenpo.

By the early 1970’s, between training for tournaments and running his own small chain of studios, he took Radio & TV Broadcasting at El Paso Community College in Colorado Springs, CO.

This gave John his first good taste of journalism. Thirty plus years later, and dying to write some of these experiences in a book, He wrote an entire series in the Witch Clan theme.

These are character driven stories with true to life characters, and experiences melded into an entertaining fantasy.

His first full length novel in this series is “Matriarch of the Witch Clan.”

He and his family sponsor and are also registered as "Witches of the World" at The Witches Voice ( can be found in their archives.

John has his books available on bookrix one of which is called “Practical Witchery” available for free on bookrix.


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