I am from Israel.

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I am from Israel.

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Shlomi Aviad
March 24 at 3:13pm
Hello dear friends
My name is Shlomi Aviad and I am from Israel.
I contemplated many times if I should publish this post. I finally decided to put it out there since I saw there is very little information about what is actually going on in Israel and how life looks like from "this side of the river".
So first of all, let me start by stating the obvious - that I have no allegiance what so ever to my current Prime Minister (and of course not to any other Israeli politician). In fact, you would be surprised to hear that most Israelis do not support Bibi Netanyahu. His party (Likud) received only 25% percent (!!) of the votes in the last election (in Israel you only vote for a party and not directly for the prime minister). In fact, most of the people I know literally despise Bibi, including the ones that are still asleep. He is considered to be the worst leader ever for the middle class and is known for always helping the big corporations and the elite. The worst things I have ever seen written about him were written by Israelis. I kid you not.
Then how on earth did he get elected?? Again?!?!
Little politics
In Israel each election we have 10-15 parties (!!!) running for Knesset (the Israeli parliament). The 2 big ones are the Likud party and their so called "opposition" the Labor party and they usually split between them 50 percent of the votes. The rest of the votes are devided by the other 10 parties. The party that has the most votes (which was Likud just barely) gets the first shot of establishing a coalition. The leader of that party (Bibi) gets 42 days to create the new government. There are 120 delegates in the Knesset so you need at least 61 delegates from all parties to create the coalition. Naturally most politicians and other parties will "bend" their ideology as needed to join the new government. However, since each party is different (european jews, middle eastern jews, russians, arabs, religious, religious orthodox, secular, liberals, conservatives and more...) they can never get anything done since they are in a constant bickering and also the small coalition will forever remain unstable, leading to the government "falling" and for yet another pre planned election. For the past 7 years Israel has had 3 elections (!!!!). If we go to vote again this year, no one would be surprised. After the last election there were rumours of rigged voting in some places. People turned to the courts but of course, it just got "burried" and forgotten. Bibi got "elected" for the 4th time last year (3rd consecutive). In the past you could only get elected twice, same as the US. I guess along the way they changed that law. Besides of being the prime minister, Bibi is also the minister of foreign relations, minister of the media, minister of regional cooperation and minister of economics. Indeed we are already halfway to a dictatorship. Would have been funny if it wasn't so sad.
So why is it so hard for Israelis to wake up?
Israel has a population of about 8.5 million people. As of today, in my estimation, there are about 100,000 people that are awake, most of them not fully awake. That is about 1% of the population (!!!!). As I see it, at the moment Israel might be the most asleep country in the world. Here's why...
Life in israel
When you're born in Israel, from day one the establishment is gonna brainwash you to be in an exstreme survival mode. When we grow up, we are taught that Israel is surrounded by enemies from all directions and for some reason they are all trying to kill us. You're taught about all the wars since 1948, almost 70 years of war. You experience war your self. I was 8 years old during the gulf war. My sister was 5. We were told Saddam Hussein might fire chemical gas on Israeli cities. Every one had to tape their windows and doors shut. When the alarm would start we had to put on gas masks, many times waking up in the middle of the night. We lived like this for months.
When I was in high school suicide bombers were blowing up busses all over the country. In Israel when you go to school you take a regular city buss just like the average Joe. Every day you ride the bus, you had to be alert and aware if there are any suspicious strangers around you that's gonna start screaming "alla wacbar" blowing them selves up.
When you finish high school you join the army. It is mandatory unless you have health/mental issues or if you are extremely religious. Guys go for 3 years. Girls for 2 years. Just kids at the age of 18 fresh out'a high school. If you refuse to join, they'll throw your ass in a military jail. Everyone goes to boot camp and everybody's gotta learn how to fire a gun, girls included, even if you are intended for a desk job. Many girls are traumatized by the boot camp experience as they are not use to these extreme conditions.
During the military service, many people lose a friend or a few. This is probably the biggest reason why Israelis are harder to wake up. Since Israel is a small country, every Israeli you'll meet knows at least one person who died durring their army service or in a terror attack. I myself lost 2 friends. Once someone whose close to you gets killed, it would take years if ever to stop thinking that "all arabs are trying to kill me". Mainstream media ravishes on terror and they're not gonna let you forget you are "under attack" even for one day.
I'm talking fear porn 24/7.
Once you got people on survival mode, they will naturally turn to the strongest Alpha Male figure they can find and unfortunately for us, that is Bibi.
Another huge reason is that there is relatively almost no information in hebrew about all the conspiracies that all of us here already know too well. If my English wasn't good, I'd probably still be asleep.
Remember the buzz last September and how supposedly nothing happened?
Well I can tell you that ever since, things became crazy here in Israel. People are getting stabbed in the middle of the street every day all over the country. It was never this crazy and dangerous. The kabal definitely kicked it up a notch. Rumours are saying that Israel is about to give some territories back to the Palestinians and Bibi cannot make a move like that without an excuse (to end the terror that's "inflicted" on his people) so he would not appear to be "weak". Time will tell...
Social/economic state in Israel
With out a doubt never been worse. Don't get fooled with sayings like "the Israeli economy is growing". That's just because the prices of real estate keep going up. If a person makes an average salary it will take him between 20-30 years to buy a house. Prices of food, rent, gas, water etc, keep going up yet the salaries stay the same. Many Israelis are leaving the country because they had enough. Oh... and they just brought back fluoride to the water...
On a good note
Even though Israelis are asleep, most of us have already started resenting the government. Every other month another politician is prosecuted or thrown to jail. Only recently the prime minister before Bibi, Ehud Olmert (a CFR member, same as Bibi) was sentenced to jail for excepting bribe and abstraction of justice. 4 years ago was the biggest protest ever in Israel as 1 million people took the streets and protested against the government and the elite.
One of the things that no one talks about is that 20% of Israelis are arabs and I'm not talking about the Palestinians. These are Israeli arabs which are represented in the Knesset and live in many cities all across Israel side by side with the Jewish people in peace. Most Israelis (jews and arabs) are not racist since usually one would have met at least one Jewish/Arab person who was nice to them along the way and actually understand that people should be judged as individuals.
Also, despite the Zionists effort to create an Israeli country as secular as possible, most Israelis remain spiritual or at least tradiotional and God loving.
There are thousands of hardcore activists who are fighting the establishment every day, trying to get as much information out as possible. Posts and profiles on Facebook are being deleted and many groups are hacked or trolled by representatives of the government. Most of us don't even care anymore if we are already marked by the Cabal. I am an indie musician my self by the way and I'm releasing a new song on the radio next month and it is by far the most extreme protest song against government and elite ever released in israel. Hopefully the music will help people except at least some of the truth smile emoticon
We are indeed making progress here but as I see it, Israel might be one of the last countries to get rescued. Something very big will have to happen in the world in order for Israel to truelly wake up. As an outsider, when I see what's going on in the US nowadays, I believe you guys are much closer than you think to freeing America. It's definitely happening during our generation
We are all rooting for you back here!! Keep up the good work and always choose happiness!!
Much love
Much peace
Victory to the light
I love you all :-)))
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