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"An Advanced Aboriginal Healing Modality of the
Future from the Past." ~ Steve Richards


DREAMTIME HEALING using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is an understanding of two worlds, an internal to external and an external to internal world.​ DREAMTIME HEALING is part of what the Australian Aboriginal "Lore Men" knew from the past and could apply; HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is the science behind their knowledge.​​​

DREAMTIME HEALING is about rebalancing of the imbalances of man's internally- created realities through the cycles of dimensions that man calls "time". Dreamtime healing can access the internal dimensional world of all living things, the life force, the invisible, man at times calls spirit, [different from the soul] where all creation is first set-up, and then flows through into the visible external world of reality. It is an advanced Aboriginal-healing modality, incorporating the applied knowledge of Lore that governs the internal invisible dimensions of life, which no man can escape, these are different from our external laws that govern our physical reality.

HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS has the ability to understand the science of the mind, incorporating the maths & geometry of creation, and how the original race on this planet--the Australian Aboriginals--knew the keys and could access and communicate to the life force of the being, known as spirit, regardless of its physical form, sending it back through the cycle of time, into internal hyper-space. When the Spirit enters this internal dimension, all things are omnipotent [consisting of great power], omnipresent [as all things past, present and future are present at the same time] and omniscient [an area of infinite knowledge].
HOLOGRAPHIC virtually explains man is a hologram--every cell in the body stores every thought and memory as it is sent from the subtle bodies within, out to all areas of the physical body and each cell has the ability to holographically reproduce those memories. These areas are called "cellular memory" and can store trauma from generations down the hereditary line--they can be accessed and cleared.​​​
KINETIC energy comes from the harmony of the Infinite universe, as free flowing balanced energy. When captured by the act of a thought, it becomes potential energy, aligning itself into plutonic geometry forming a crystal, which now stores memory and locks into the stress point of the body--in its own separate dimension known as "time". This i​s created by the universal mind of its creator, passing through the cellular memory of its being.​​​

​DREAMTIME HEALING using HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS is about the integration of an internal invisible, and an external visible world of assisting people with their internally-created realities that are not being addressed--or understood, by mainstream mental health-thus denying them their rights of being healed.

You can be taught this powerful system and be rewarded by obtaining the same remarkeable results--usually in one session, as the other 800 students have--why not organize a seminar in your area, or community or have a team of our practitioners assist to clear your troubled youth and others.​​​​

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From: "steve" <holographickinetics@bigpond.com>
Date: 25 February 2016 04:24:11 GMT
To: "Steve Richards" <Holographickinetics@bigpond.com>
Subject: holographic kinetics 10C UK

Thanks to all those that signed up to do the course in dreamtime healing using Holographic kinetics in UK and Ireland.
As both London and Ireland are now full and other potential practitioners are wanting to learn, we have decided to run another course in UK in either London, Manchester, Plymouth, or Scotland cost £1,800.00 for the 7days if you are interested in learning in any of those areas let me know ASAP. So you can go on the priority waiting list.
This would possible be towards end of May, we are also looking at teaching in Spain, Croatia or France also possible May/June
if interested let me know ASAP with the preferred Location you would want to learn in. For more info go to the web site.
Steve Richards

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