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Cara St.Louis

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Cara St.Louis
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My name is Cara St.Louis. I am an American activist, writer, teacher and speaker. I wrote a no-excuses book called Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation. I take on the cultural sabotage and social engineering of the Stolen Century, the 20th century, and sentient oil, chemtrails, Morgellons, and the demonic aspect of all of the above. I connect the dots between Kali on the Empire State Building and the CERN Hadron Collider, trace the route of the fiction of the last thousand years of 'history', and discuss the origins of the Fey on this beautiful planet.

I continue pushing forward trying to get the voice heard in the English-speaking world. I am determined to make our voices heard in Australia and New Zealand. This has been difficult. I have someone there who will arrange for us to lecture but I need to get there.

Cara is an ex producer for The Peoples Voice, and co author of Dangerous Imagination Silent Assimilation. the Sun Thief, and her first book Consolata's Companion. Here she discusses the murder of her mother, who was an editor for a fact sheet for US Navy intelligence. (Which is senior service and way above the NSA)

Cara's books are available everywhere via or via her shopify channel. In Australia, NZ and Canada it is only available through shopify which is

The aspects of the Prussian education system instigating the killing of imagination, and using education to make drone obedient workers and soldiers, who do not question, just obey. this has been rolled out in the global education system,and is being enforecd more rigorously against any children who do not comply. Silent Assimilation.


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