Alien Black-Ops Whistleblower

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Alien Black-Ops Whistleblower

Post by Ria on Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:33 am

1of3_Alien Black-Ops Whistleblower
chris kehler
Published on Feb 19, 2016Recently, a gentleman named Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen III (an alias name) has come out to talk about and whistleblow on CERN, Area 51, Military ET/alien sectors and black ops operations.

Daniel's function in the Military Industrial Complex program is
a "balancer". He is trained to kill in over 270 ways, and has done so.

If elements of the program step out of line, no matter their rank, he would kill them.

He has had enough. What bothers him is what's happening right under people's noses, due to shadow governments and the cabal.
He's tired of seeing good people, like you and me, get played by
a false reality.

He feels it's time to get his message out.

Daniel was born into the Military Industrial Complex as a Slave to a
MKUltra Project, but through a series of manifested miracles he fell
through the cracks to find a new life, where being Loving & Lovable, has led him to an understanding of how to escape the prison of the mindset of this present Corporate World & all of its entrapments.

2of3_Alien Black-Ops Whistleblower - Star Wars Happening - CERN's Dark Purpose Revealed
chris kehler
Published on Feb 26, 2016
The following is brought forth in this second interview:

• The parasitic force, PPAI (Predatory Pathogenic Artificial Intelligence) continued malevolence on humanity
• “Smart-Dusting” with Artificial Intelligence, nano-technology
• The horrific violence on the Star Wars battle above discussed
• Is there really a Death Star?
• Satellite feed capturing these space images
• Why this alien battle is occurring
• The aliens races involved in the battle; what is the purpose to this fighting
• The Sun, not what we think ?!! The Sun is a stargate ?!!
• Can the average person see this battle?
• What is CERN designed for?
• The connection of CERN with the planet Saturn
• The agenda of the PPAI
• Black Goo – the negative consciousness behind it all
• Hollywood’s hinting with clues of Black Goo in movies
• More than just one CERN?
• Black Goo in oil?
• The secret power of human DNA that negative consciousness doesn’t want you to have
• The love that will save the planet
• Plasma TV’s – a transmitter for artificial intelligence

Data Asylum –

3of3_Alien Black-Ops Whistleblower
chris kehler
Published on Mar 4, 2016
In another fascinating, third and final interview installment with Sgt. Daniel Brad Macbolen III, Alien Black-Ops Whistleblower, here is what we had a chance to discuss:

• During a client session, symptoms of a PPAI fighting with being energetically removed
• Updates from the Star Wars above - a large craft emerging out of the sun!
• ET’s connection with spiritual development and biblical relevance
• Are the aliens fighting on our behalf of humanity “good”?
• Dan is mysteriously dropped off the call when asked about media placing negativity on Jesus
• Jesus Christ’s name evoked in protecting from ET presence
• The power of Gold Ormus to increase manifestation ability
• Being cautious with ego
• Tips on manifesting
• Updates on CERN


Sgt. Daniel Brad Macbolen III -
The Sun is Freaking Out -
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