Vegan Leather Veggie leather !?!

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Vegan Leather Veggie leather !?!

Post by Ria on Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:44 am

Vegan Leather is Now a Thing, And You Won’t Believe What it is Made Out Of!

Piñatex™ is the innovative product made by Ananas Anam

The new ‘leather’ was designed by Ananas Anam which has been created from a sustainable high performing natural textile which is made from plant fiber waste. Piñatex™ is located in the Philippines where they create the product out of pineapple leaf fibers.

This awesome new approach is going to help support local farmers in a whole new way. Using a common waste product from pineapple farms in these growing countries the products will be made without any extra need for fertilizer, water, land or pesticides.

What an incredible idea to use something that is just being thrown away and instead craft it into a product we could use worldwide to stop the needless killing of animals for their skin. These products could be easily used in upholstery at home and in our cars, used for fashion accessories or clothing.

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Re: Vegan Leather Veggie leather !?!

Post by Monk on Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:56 pm

Jeeze how many organic alternatives for things are coming out now!? 
Reminds me of this classic futurama episode where Bender gets an upgrade lol

Cheers ria, another quality find!


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