Citizen Science - Model of Solar-Triggered Earthquakes Confirmed

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Re: Citizen Science - Model of Solar-Triggered Earthquakes Confirmed

Post by Tonz on Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:06 pm

amazing stuff , they really are world leaders in this field and yet they are supposedly amateurs.
hard to believe isnt it .

They make the universities seem like the armatures perhaps thats why they get such little help from them.

Interesting point that the one in Nepal didn't fit the grid or the theory.
and another in Somalia .

Is it because they were man made perhaps. ?
The japan one did fit the grid surprisingly! , as i figured it to be man made as well as many other people in the alternative view point  .

There are so many more questions in this field that need answering , ,,,at least these guys are succeeding step by steep to answer a few of these questions , or at least giving a realistic study on such a level that will be listened to by all in time.'' Bravo'' to these people

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