The Female Illuminati

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The Female Illuminati

Post by Ria on Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:50 am

The Female Illuminati
& Other Secret Societies
- A Brief Introduction

People establish and join secret societies because they seek power. Once they've achieved great power as well as wealth, they sometimes want to brag about it and let others know about their special status. To further this desire, members of secret societies - from Jesuits to Satanists - make use of the media. Highly financed movies are made to communicate to us on a non-verbal level. These movies are often ostensibly based on the books of commissioned writers, themselves lower-level agents of powerful secret societies.

Hollywood movies occasionally provide us with keyhole visions into what’s going on behind the scenes; although not enough for laymen and symbolically illiterate people to decipher and understand. That’s why so many people remain ignorant about secret societies and their ways. However if we do a little serious research, it becomes easier to see what is going on. This process is occasionally helped by whistle-blowing movies from Hollywood and other media orgs, movies such as Brotherhood of the Bell, To the Devil a Daughter, The Devil Rides Out, The Omen, Bladerunner, Freejack, Judge Dread, Fifth Element, Tombraider, The Formula, James Bond, The Da Vinci Code, National Treasure, Skulls, Eyes Wide Shut, and so on. As we said, perhaps we are deliberately BEING TOLD what is going on by the elites themselves. It’s an intriguing thought.

Of course the serious researcher does not simply base his work on media extravaganzas. My own work on secret societies is based in sources, and I strengthen my ideas with numerous statements and quotes from insiders and those who have made a deep study of secret society symbolism. In other words, the existence of secret fraternities is documented fact. Happily, if paradoxically, secret societies publish their own works which provide us with key insights into their origins and agendas.

After reading and studying material of this kind I eventually gained greater knowledge about the workings of the world’s major secret societies – the Freemasons, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Knights of Malta, Illuminati, etc. Additionally, the artwork I decipher is that which hangs in their own clubs and lodges, and in famous shrines such as the House of the Temple in Washington DC. Interesting artwork is to be found in plenty throughout the world’s many Masonic halls, those in almost every major town and city that most people pass by as they go about their business. A study of the friezes and reliefs outside Masonic structures also furnished me with insight into the subtle manner in which insiders nonverbally communicate with us. I learned to go even further, and observe the many clock towers, statues, fountains, murals, floors and obelisks, etc, which exist in major towns and cities. I discovered that most cities are ritually laid out and have a more esoteric purpose than one might guess. (See my book The Trees of Life: Exposing the Art of Holy Deception, for more on this subject.)

As to the power of secret societies, we must accept that it is considerable. After doing nearly thirty years of research into these matters, I realized the extent of their sociopolitical power. I also realized that most of their operations would not receive public approval. This is partly why they prefer anonymity. Although their identities may not be secret, their rites, behavior and designs for world control are kept in the dark and out of sight to ordinary men and women. They make good use of hierarchies and fixed degree ceremonies to ensure that only the “right” kind of person gets to be an insider. Their frats can be found in every major university and college. Their lower and higher members surround us in every school, university, corporation, livery company and charity.

To uncover their existence you must not wait for them to come out into the open. You must go into your streets with open eyes and ask yourself - Who built Bath? Who built London? Who built Washington DC, Cologne and Paris? You might not understand completely all the secrets of these fraternities, but you can eventually realize that something strange has been going from the year dot. You’ll realize the tremendous financial power that exists, out of reach of the common man. And you’ll realize the time it took to attain such power. In the end you’ll be more aware of the presence and prestige of the equestrian and chivalric orders that infest our world. You’ll understand how their many branches and fraternities work to filter out moral men and promote immoral and amoral ones.

Ask questions such as: how can a small country like England, since the 16th century, successfully get its predatory talons into so many other far off countries, conquering, colonizing and “ruling the waves?” How did a predatory exploitative organization like the Vatican (which is more than the center of the Roman Catholic religion) gain so much power? Why does it still exist after the heinous historical crimes of which it is guilty - more than 500 years of the persecution of so called “witches,” who were just ordinary women doing their thing - healing, learning about nature’s ways, knowing the secrets of herbalism and agriculture, etc. We are talking about nearly nine million victims of total deliberate slaughter. And that series of atrocities is just a single instance of the pestilence of this Roman branch of the ancient Atonist "Black Lodge" that I expose throughout my works. To get away with it, and remain above the law, takes considerable power doesn’t it? Right! So what’s different when it comes to the existence of even more elusive and deadly orders?

The Vatican is allied with numerous secret orders, such as the Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Christ, Order of St. John, Opus Dei, and of course the Knights Templar - one of the most powerful organizations in the world. Some of the top degrees of what we know to be Freemasonry are Templar degrees. Again, these are chivalric or equestrian orders of titanic power. They are the Alpha Lodges that don’t accept you and I or any common man. They are headed by extremely privileged individuals such as King Juan Carlos of Spain, the Duke of Kent, Queen Beatrix of Holland, and Queen Elizabeth of England, as well as those she appoints to her so-called Privy Counsil, Order of St. Michael and St. George, and Knights of the Garter.

These British, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese elite counsels serve even higher, more elusive concerns which I refer to as the “Black Lodge.” This term refers to the superior counsel of Atonists whose own origins trace back to the time of Pharaoh Akhenaton, the Biblical Moses. The all-powerful Atonist Black Lodge in turn authorizes the various societies and counsels mentioned above to vet and select the many other less-informed lieutenants who get to run the governments, institutes and think-tanks of countries throughout the world. These lower-level pawns are the common duplicitous politicians and functionaries we are all too familiar with. These "opposames" certainly do not serve you or I. Nowadays, because of the unceasing work of researchers such as myself, many intelligent people realize this fact.

Indeed, the main reason why we tend to doubt the existence and power of secret societies is simply because we are not members of the club. It all goes on in the shadows and periphery of vision. You have to make a detailed lifelong study to uncover the roots of this pestilence. You must learn to endure the ridicule of almost everyone you attempt to awaken on these controversial matters.

As to the origin of the Illuminati, you can look to two interesting men to gain understanding. One is Ignatius Loyola of Spain. In the sixteenth century he formed a group that adopted the name. His group was allegedly loosely based on an heretical society known as the Alumbrados - the Shining or Illumined Ones - which may have originated in the 1490s. Then there is Adam Weishaupt of eighteenth century Germany. His order was known as the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati. A study of these men's lives and machinations, although interesting, does not provide us with the last word on the origins and nature of the Illuminati.

It’s interesting that both of these men were Jesuits. They may also have had Jewish ancestry. In any case, it’s significant that they were Roman Catholics before they founded their secretive deadly cabals. This tells us that they were secretly commissioned by the super-wealthy families behind the College of Cardinals or "Roman Circle." In any case, as your study continues, you’ll find that there are many lies told about these men and their orgs. Adam Weishaupt's group is erroneously considered to have been anti-royalist. This assertion is blatantly false. Adam Weishaupt received additional support and funding from various nobles and royals, such as Baron von Knigge, and more significantly by Charles de Lorraine and the Duke de Orleans, that is by members of the Stuart and Hapsburg dynasties, themselves seniors of other powerful secret societies such as the Rosicrucians, Strict Observance and Scottish Rite, etc. Indeed, after his retirement Weishaupt languished in the homes of Hapsburg royals for approximately forty years. So the idea that the Illuminati were against monarchy is laughable. Interestingly the highest grade attainable within the Illuminati bore the title REX meaning “King.” A strange title to bestow upon the highest initiate of a supposedly anti-royalist cabal, right?

The Illuminati merely adopted an anti-royalist stance because it was an expedient ruse. It got them where they wanted to go. Societies of this kind are very chameleon-like. They know their enemies and how to subvert them. They know how to lure and win favor. They know how to create and sustain faux rival groups to prevent authentic rival groups from moving against them. This tactic has served the powers-that-be no end. The propaganda they dished out in the eighteenth century was cunningly designed to attract rebellious young men of wealth and intelligence from all over the world. After all, you don’t want your secret society full of idiots. The idea was to attract such men in order to prevent them forming or joining authentic opposition movements which were sprouting up throughout Europe and the Middle East. In order to seduce the young idealistic freedom-loving sons of wealthy royals and nobles, the Illuminati cunningly professed to be politically progressive and morally libertine. New recruits inevitably fell under the control of their puppeteers. Susceptible types were successfully indoctrinated, whereas overly suspicious radicals who sensed they were being misled were professionally or even physically assassinated. After generations of Machiavellian scheming, the Illuminati's agents ensconced themselves in every religious, political and corporate organization and institution, intent on changing the direction of world events to suit their sinister agendas. It is only in relatively recent times that humanity has been made aware of these machinations, and there's still a ways to go before we can successfully subvert these blood-soaked crime lords and architects of control.

In any case, it is not right to think that these orders began in the 1700s. Nor is it correct to think of Masonry starting in the 17th and 18th centuries. Churches and monuments in France dating to the 5th century display Masonic emblems, and scholars have found Masonic symbols in the artwork and architecture of ancient Egypt. Masonic-style aprons were certainly worn by early pharaohs and Phoenicians. Moreover, there are many Masonic writers who have themselves emphasized their society's antiquity.

It is also important to realize that the Illuminati is not an exclusively Western phenomenon. There are Eastern branches of this order, some of which predate the Western branch. Some orders in the Middle East, such as the Sabbateans, Frankists and Seveners, etc, are themselves wings of the super-secret Order of Melchizedek or Atonist Black Lodge that goes back to ancient Egypt. Although the Sabbateans, Frankists and Seveners were officially founded by Jewish occultists, their true origins lie in ancient times with the elusive Gaonim or Gaonate. Significantly, the Gaonim - themselves high-degree Atonists - referred to themselves as Exilarchs or Princes of Light. They and their many agents constitute the male family tree of the all too real Illumined Ones or Illuminati. The famous letter "G" seen on Masonic emblems (and several corporate logos) signifies this illustrious cadre (the lower case "g" signifying the serpent or dragon).

Common Judaism of the religious kind, as well as political Zionism, are merely two of many branches that have grown from this rotten family tree of sorcerers. In fact, Christianity is itself also the creation of this faustian Solar Cult, being yet one more corrupted theology of light. St. Paul (the cover name of Josephus Flavius Arrius Piso), was commissioned to write his works on Jesus by his shadowy Atonist masters within the Gaonate. (The reasons for this are detailed in my book The Irish Origins of Civilization.)

Another important branch of the Atonist-Gaonate hides itself behind the ostensibly Catholic College of Cardinals and Jesuit Order (or Society of Jesus, officially founded by Ignatius Loyola). Agents of the former prestigious branch in turn direct the operations of other functioning secret societies throughout the world, such as the Knights of Malta, Knights Hospitaller, Opus Dei, Knights of Columbus, Order of Christ, Order of St. Patrick, Ancient Order of Hibernians, and so on. They even control ostensibly Protestant societies such as the Rosicrucians, Order of St. John, Orange Lodge, Black Perceptory, etc. Behind lodge doors these made-to-order divisions mean nothing whatsoever. They merely serve to divide and conquer the rank and file. Agents of this "Roman Circle" also form and finance many so-called charitable organizations, as well as banks and numerous corporations. We are surrounded by the symbolism of these various societies, which, as we said, often like us to know on a subtextual level who is in command of our lives. As I show throughout my work, secret society symbols are found in plenty on movie company graphics and logos, ad copy, commercial products and civic architecture.

But what are we told when we ask about the origin of this little known illustrious society - the Gaonim? Well, ordinary religious Jews are wont to repeat the fallacies they've swallowed. They tell us that they probably originated after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 AD and split between Pharisees and Sadducees. They sometimes say they originated when Moses transmitted the secret Oral Law or Torah to the 70 elders of Israel on Mount Sinai; or that they were founded after the Israelites were released from their captivity in Babylon, or from the time of the secretive thirteenth tribe of Levites. This is true to a point, as long as we realize that the Levites themselves have an ancestry that goes even further back to the time of Akhenaton (known in occult circles as Melchizedek), and the powerful Hyksos nobility that mainstream historians are reluctant to coherently comment on. This is chiefly because they know what ordinary folks are never meant to know - that the Hyksos nobility (and Levites) were originally high-born Scythians from Ireland, England and Scandinavia. Yes, many are the false leads and dead ends. It takes many years of arduous study to see behind the carefully crafted tall tales and smoke screens.

Eventually, with the assistance of the Hyksos-Atonist descended Merovingian kings and Knights Templar, the Gaonate (or Order of Melchizedek) surfaced bearing a new title - that of "Freemasons." (One translation of this term is "Brothers of the Sun.") Under a Jewish veneer, lodges were formed to preserve the Gaonate's hoary traditions, and to allow "brothers" to meet and plot in secrecy. This explains why so many Masonic tropes and ritual leitmotifs appear to be "Judaic" in origin. Exoteric researchers falsely believe this is all there is to the symbolism of Masonry. It's what they are meant to believe. In fact the origin of Masonic symbolism far predates the rise of Judaism in all its configurations and permutations. As I show, esoteric Judaism, like Masonry, is nothing less than corrupted Irish Druidism, in the form of Egyptian Atonism - the Jewish Jehovah being none other than Aton, the Lord of Light. (For more on this great story, visit my Irish Origins of Civilization website).

The reason for the many lies regarding Masonry’s deliberately obscured origins is explained in my program The Female Illuminati. In that program I show how many cunning lies have been spun about Masonry's origins, and why. I reveal what Masonic symbolism really means, and who rules from the highest echelons. Controversially, I show that Masonry is not the predominately male institution we have been led to believe. On the contrary, Masonry's male-dominated parent orders (mentioned throughout this article) were originally founded and controlled by an enclave of supremely powerful females whose existence has been kept secret for centuries. It is the existence and history of this medusan or stygian Serpentine Sisterhood (or Female Dragon Court) which intrigues me personally, and which has never before been exposed to the world. I believe this group’s history is traceable not only to ancient Egypt but to the prediluvian world – to Atlantis.

These shadowy cabals are predators of a kind. They can be countered and even destroyed once we are in possession of the facts about the true nature of evil. Sadly most of us are woefully ignorant about the workings of evil, especially that emanating from higher up the socioeconomic power-pyramid. In our modern age we are extremely backward in subjects of this kind. We may be very humanitarian and caring about what goes on in the world around us, and may care deeply about the plight of our brothers and sisters. Yes, but what good is all that humanitarianism if we fail to have sophisticated knowledge about the predatory tiger in the long grass that works to subvert our good work? What do we know about its origin, mentality and habits? That predator knows a great deal about us, which is why, up until now it has been winning the GREAT GAME. This situation must change, and soon!

The Female Illuminati program is the result of the painstaking effort of decades. It is a slow piecing together of a controversial world picture in which we all involved. Like an archaeologist at a dig, you don’t know what the final old parchment or vase will look like. You gradually piece it together until it’s finally assembled, and then stand back to see what it has to tell you about the world of the past. This is what I've done over the years, and it's been a very worthwhile and rewarding commitment.

It’s a great study because it exposes the sick crime-families that have plagued our world for so long, and overcomes the WAR ON CONSCIOUSNESS which has been going on for millennia and which must be brought to an end, come what may.

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