Tory MP Mike Weatherley's wife working as a prostitute

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Tory MP Mike Weatherley's wife working as a prostitute

Post by Spiral on Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:26 pm

What the hell is wrong with these people Facepalm

THE wife of a new Tory MP is working as a £70-a-time prostitute, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.

Mike Weatherley, 53, is one of PM David Cameron’s fresh breed of ­ambitious MPs and a pillar of the ­community in his seaside ­constituency.

But his Brazilian wife Carla, 39 – pictured with him at the House of Commons just two months ago – sells her body to strangers in three seedy brothels.

The revelation will be highly ­embarrassing to Mr Cameron, who proudly campaigned alongside Mr Weatherley in his crucial marginal constituency at the General Election.

Twice-married Mr Weatherley met Carla 10 years ago while on a business trip to the hedonistic party city of Rio de Janeiro –when, sources say, she was already selling herself for sex.

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