Science, SETI & Ufology, Everything is Changing– MUFON SYMPOSIUM – Ted Peters, PhD

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Science, SETI & Ufology, Everything is Changing– MUFON SYMPOSIUM – Ted Peters, PhD

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Published on 29 Apr 2016

UFOTV® Accept no Imitations! (Please vote thumbs-up for UFOTV®). Ted Peters, Ph.D. talks about Science, SETI and UFOlogy. Dr. Peters is the Author of the Book "UFOs: God's Chariots – Flying Saucers In Politics, Science and Religion." He has consulted for NASA and SETI on the Ethics of Planetary Protection. Now with the on-going discovery of Exoplanets, Dr. Peters will discuss how UFOlogy, Science and Theology is heating up with respect to the legitimate exploration of Extraterrestrial Life. Recommended viewing for our more advanced viewers.

UFOTV® and THE MUTUAL UFO NETWORK (MUFON) have joined forces to bring the MUFON INTERNATIONAL UFO SYMPOSIUM to UFOTV® here on YOUTUBE. Subscribers are automatically notified first as we add new programs each week. Be on the cutting Edge of UFOlogy with The International MUFON UFO Symposium here on UFOTV®.

MUFON has been carefully collecting daily UFO Sighting Reports for over 48 Years. If you see a UFO, please fill-out a UFO Sightings Report at Only through the help of viewers like you, can we track UFO activity here on Earth.

Proceeds from YouTube help to support the on-going research of The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) a 501c Non-Profit Organization. Your donations are tax deductible.

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