Astrological over view for May and June, worth looking at.

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Astrological over view for May and June, worth looking at.

Post by Ria on Wed May 04, 2016 7:44 am

May 2016 - Finding the Way, Finding the Words

Currently, the dominant background aspect is a mutable T-square. It took shape in the heavens in the last months of 2015. Essentially, the T-square has lowered everyone’s tolerance for self-serving ideological hype. It puts a premium on detail, accuracy and down to earth service.

The total solar eclipse in March gave the mutable T-square teeth. It began penalizing those who ignored its mandate and rewarding those who obeyed it. This eclipse also weakened our ties to the past, making space for reform and innovation.

April brought mixed vibes. There were four major planetary retrogrades. These caused interruptions, disruptions and delays across a broad range of processes and projects with all the stress and confusion that implies.
The Upside of Retrogrades

But retrogrades also allow us to catch up, update, revise and renovate. Disruptive as they can be on the surface, retrogrades introduce flexibility and deep, creative insight.
April’s Kite

Beneath the turmoil caused by the retrogrades, a kite formation drew the surface disorder into constructive channels. At a deeper level, the kite synergized, coordinated, synchronized the long-term, behind the scenes, below the surface transformations supported by the retrograde motion. A new foundation is being built where few can see it beneath the surface turmoil.
April’s chart will quietly support the efforts of those heeding the T-square’s message. It will impede those ignoring its demands for honesty, integrity and respect for the truth.
May’s Outlook

May will be like April, but better. Two planets, Mercury and Jupiter will return to forward motion. A return to forward motion brings relief in virtually all affected areas.
Saturn and Pluto will quietly continue their retrogrades, making no new waves.
Neptune will be preparing for its mid-June retrograde. Neptune retrogrades provide relief from ideological rigidity, among other things, and generally weaken attachments of all kinds, making new attachments possible.
In May, a kite formation will steadfastly support efforts that are in accord with the thrust of the mutable T-Square. It will continue the quiet, behind the scenes task of creating the future.
Some of May’s Details

Mercury stationary/direct, May 22 UT

The Mercury retrograde cycle, which began April 28th UT, will play out primarily in May. It will produce the usual delays, postponements and cancellations and such, all the things typical of Mercury retrogrades.
By all accounts, though, the turmoil and confusion of April were such that even with the Mercury retrograde, May will be a noticeable improvement over April.
Besides, the inconvenient effects of a retrograde fade before it ends. As May progresses, our lives will become progressively more ordered and manageable.
Jupiter will turn direct on May 9th UT.

You’ll recall that the power of Jupiter, the wealth creating planet, has been impaired since it entered Virgo. When Jupiter retrograded in January, the level of Jupiter’s impairment reached critical levels.
At the January retrograde, slowly improving, painstakingly achieved economic gains abruptly vanished. We lost economic momentum. The recent stock market downturn began.
Things have already begun picking up, though, as Jupiter approached the end of its retrograde. When Jupiter turns forward in May, we should all feel relief as the economy regains traction.
Jupiter’s retrograde motion only accounted for part of its impairment, though. Jupiter will remain impaired after it moves forward. But its forward motion should still bring very noticeable improvement. It will take us out of the discomfort zone.
Jupiter will also square Saturn on May 9th. Saturn is still retrograde in Sagittarius.

In my view, Jupiter’s exact square to retrograde Saturn as it turns direct underlines and renews the T-square’s demand for economic policies based on sound reasoning and a commitment to the general good.
Pluto continues retrograde in Capricorn.

Jupiter will try to resume its active work with Pluto. Wealth producers will pressure governments to make changes in economic and financial areas. Unable to exercise power while Pluto retrogrades, however, governments can only dig deeper, reexamining the old issues and reconsidering options.
Look to Your Personal Resources

With governments unable to exercise power because of retrograde Pluto, people might seek legislative relief, regulatory changes or court intervention. However, with Saturn retrograde, such help will be slow in coming.
The clarifications and rectifications taking place during Saturn’s retrograde won’t permit much in the way of legal, regulatory or legislative action.
Everyone will have to look deeper into their own affairs to see if their grievances really need official intervention. And deeper into their personal resources to see if they can solve them on their own.
Neptune is preparing to retrograde in June.

People will begin rethinking their beliefs. Views will become fluid and changeable enough to speed formation of a new consensus.
May’s Kite

May, like April, will benefit from a kite formation. May’s kite will continue to help resolve the innumerable conflicts being generated by the mutable T-square. It will also continue to facilitate the deep background work being done in so many areas by so many planets in May.
A Closer Look at May 9th - Mercury Transits the Sun, Etc.
This Will Change Everything
Something very special will take place in May. Essentially, several rather important astrological events will occur within a relatively brief time on May 9th UT. They point to significant developments in the realm of Mercury.
Retrograde Mercury will transit, or eclipse, the Sun. (It does so 13 or 14 times per century.)
Jupiter will be stationary/direct in Virgo (ruled by Mercury) during Mercury’s transit.
The Moon will be Void of Course in Gemini (sign ruled by Mercury) during both events.
Mercury will trine the North Node in Virgo exactly close to Jupiter’s station.
Suffice it to say that Mercury’s influence will be very, very strong at the moment of Jupiter’s station. It will also be in the midst of an extraordinary transit of the Sun.
Let me just share what I make of this.
The Big Shift to Mutable Rhetoric

The times are now dominated by mutable energies. However, our shared language is still dominated by patterns established in the era of cardinal and fixed energies.
The bright, sharp language of cardinal and fixed rhetoric is ill-suited to the subtle, nuanced ideas inspired by mutable energy.
The events of May 9th will hasten the end of our reliance on the outdated language of cardinal and fixed energies.
As Mercury transits, or eclipses, the Sun, it will drive the values of the mutable T-square deep into the fabric of mass communication, causing a shift to more mutable language patterns. People will find themselves newly empowered by a language better suited to their new mutable mode of thinking and feeling.
We can look forward to facing the challenges of the time ahead with a language that suits what we are thinking and experiencing and, thus, enhances our communication. Things are challenging enough without a language that fights us whenever we try to speak. People with a strong Gemini, Virgo, or Mercury will find themselves benefitting most from this major shift in mass consciousness.
As part of a continuing effort to keep my astrology work accessible to all, I am posting a link to my Google+ profile for those who might find it useful as an alternative to FB.
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My heartfelt thanks to all.
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Carl Boudreau
Carl Boudreau Interestingly, Business Insider is reporting that another huge Panama Papers data dump is planned for May 9th.
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