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Moon Over Exposure Empty Moon Over Exposure

Post by BooBoo on Mon May 16, 2016 10:56 pm

I took this Saturday night may 14th, 2016 the moon was bright, not full, I didn't see anything unusual.
I recode this and added gamma, and now I see a bunch of lights flickering, is this really stars flickering?
Space junk?

They don't seen to be moving, its mostly me zooming in and out, but the targets still remains.
I used a cheep ass Coolpix s6300 by Nikon to record with, not fancy by and means.
You will have to be in a fairly dark room to see this well, let your eyes adjust then you will start seeing the little flicker of lights all over the place, the moon and mars are easy to tell.
*P.S. Gamma could be considered moonshine


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