Ex Milab Operative Discloses Time Travel, Artificial Timeline Manipulations and Breakaway Group Operations

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Ex Milab Operative Discloses Time Travel, Artificial Timeline Manipulations and Breakaway Group Operations

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Ex Milab Operative Discloses Time Travel, Artificial Timeline Manipulations and Breakaway Group Operations

Interview with Aug Tellez
by Eve Lorgen

This is a written question and answer interview designed to be supplemented later with a Video Conferencing Web Panel Discussion with Aug. I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with Aug several times, and knew that what he remembers in his “milab” and time travel related experiences to be of extraordinary importance. For one, most “experiencers” of such operations rarely can remember such an expansive level of consciousness perception on many levels of awareness. For many in these kinds of secret projects, memories come slowly, usually later in life and not without difficulty in other areas of their lives. Many milabs and those who have undergone any level of MK Ultra programming have trauma and PTSD issues, memory suppression, as well as various levels of interference and “handling” in their lives. The excessive handling and interference serve to maintain security of these secret operations and the organizations who run them. Some of these groups are really the “breakaway civilizations” who have used advanced technologies for decades or more, and have been manipulating humanity for their own agendas. Aug shares with us his awakening of memories of being involved in these secret projects, consciousness experiments and artificial timelines, cloning and teleportation.

Aug tells us a bit about time travel “hopping”, artificial time lines, historical timeline interference, milabs, MK ultra programming techniques, Solar Warden Space Program, synthetic consciousness systems and beings, and higher dimensional beings who are watching and protecting us. He reveals that the extended usage and reliance upon artificial time travel technologies by some breakaway groups resulted in genetic devolution and also DNA expansion, depending on the consciousness and intentions of the ones using this technology. Cloning and replication technology has been in use for decades and allowed more exploration via time travel and teleportation. He mentions various alien beings, ETs and advanced humans, as well as those human and non human groups who have devolved into a vampiric life form, predating upon other life forms and humanity. He believes a disclosure of this secret, advanced technology and the breakaway groups who have been manipulating humanity, to be the key in shifting our entire reality.

Applying this knowledge and our self-responsibility to live with integrity on all levels of being— as well as stating our non consent to be manipulated in this fashion, has the power change the course of all life and history on this planet for a much better outcome.


Q: Do you believe your ancestry and DNA is part of why you were chosen for this project—or are there other considerations you have realized that are part of the reason why you were chosen for this project?

A: I was unlocked of memory suppression in 2010. I encountered two individuals plus a handler, who appeared out of thin air in some field not far from where I live in Maryland. They (a part of a break away group) unveiled themselves to show me things to “wake me up”. Initially, I chose to reject the memories and pushed myself into a kind of delusion. For 3 years I was monitored and protected regularly by this group, as well as offered reminders and re-awakenings’. Solar Warden (See: http://locklip.com/solar-warden-the-secret-space-program-built-with-alien-technology/ and http://www.disclose.tv/news/Solar_Warden__The_US_Top_Secret_Space_Program/91847) was monitoring the entire process, apparently from my birth. There were meetings where they attempted to inform me that I was originally from Solar Warden and that is where this began. So either I was from Solar Warden, or they were giving me false memories to make me believe that, or I have memories of previous ‘space-wars’ regarding the ancient history of the solar/soulular system.

In 2015 I began to accept the inevitable and regained the beginnings of my memories. In May of 2016 I regained what has been the closest to full memories. I consider this pivotal because these regained memories go into ancient history as well as the future of Humanity. I was brought into these projects as a civilian and I operated in tandem with superiors and guides. I was brought in as a child I believe as a result of being “watched” because of my lucid dreaming ability. When I was 9, I found myself observing an underground base, and others present saw me and wondered how I could be there and do this. I believe I was inducted into some kind of MK Ultra program because of this and perhaps other factors related to my ancestry and spiritual destiny. I showed an inclination toward abilities the secret society wanted to control or replicate.
Q: What do you remember doing in these “milab type” time travel and teleportation experiences?

A: Our missions initially included recon or exploration objectives. These were later combined as joint operations with simultaneous infiltration and exfiltration missions. The people sent for the initial recon/exploration ended up requiring recon and rescue/exfiltration based on the nature of time travel on consciousness and memory. This is possibly the most trying aspect of the experience.

Often there are individuals that are to be ‘acquired’, maintained, informed, or have material or information passed between. There are often materials that are to be acquired or destroyed. There were early exploration operations between areas in geographical proximity to the surface of this planet as well as intermediary “dimensions” of space or entirely different planes and times altogether. Other than that, there are many various and extreme combat, travel, survival and data retention training and conditioning scenarios. Through the use of technology a virtual reality simulator that was indistinguishable from reality to the untrained eye was developed and has been utilized for years. Operatives use advanced forms of mind-interface technology along side genetic enhancement programs to expand the functioning of the senses and awareness into the spiritual or beyond the visible limits of information and reality.
Q: So, what did the flashbacks show?

A: Time tunnels, a form of travel. Timelines, apparently the timeline has been influenced so many “times” that it’s extremely complex to know what the original timeline is like which is very different. The adepts and seers know and knew through the ages.
Contact and how contact was made with the various races.

I have witnessed very advanced technology that interfaces with the mind and body. Stargates, artificial wormholes, underground bases, underwater stargates, the effects of time travel, the effects of ‘gate’ travel. The hierarchy of advanced races or even cultures on this planet. Interactions with multiple forms of humanoids. Interactions with completely non-humanoid entities that may be operating on an entirely temporal spectrum or could otherwise be physical. Advanced craft and travel capabilities. Advanced remote viewing technology and natural capabilities and the operatives that were actively utilizing this technology. Secret military groups, a space fleet. The spiritual implications of energy harvesting, mind control, and temporal manipulation. Ancient history and the near and far future. Ancient knowledge and the various ways symbols were used to transfer the great knowledge that Humanity and other races have collected. Supercomputers and ancient knowledge holding devices which could transfer their knowledge through a kind of scalar mind-link interface, depending on the capabilities and sincerity of the individual operating the knowledge keeping devices. Computers that operate via a scalar mind-link and do not have input features other than this. Computers with no moving parts that operate through some kind of crystal infused technology allowing frequencies and polarizations to be used as part of a non-linear computing system. Scalar weaponry and atmosphere-based beam weaponry. Earth changes, societal changes, and natural spiritual ascension. Technologically induced ascension devices and events. Artificial sentience systems which can access and collect information like an artificial brain. Cycles of Universal/Omniversal change and the spiritual ascension that is associated or achieved at each cycle.

As a child I always had memories of various aspects and glimpses of operations.

Q: Did your parents take part in any of your own “traumas” that shaped your MK Ultra milab programming. Were they your “handlers” in any way consciously?(Many milabs have traumas done outside of family involvement now)

A: My parents were not involved. My lineage was noted to have specific capabilities that were of interest, such as empathy, precognition, higher intelligence and my own lucid dreaming abilities. I am Puerto Rican and Italian. I had stumbled upon operations of the bases via lucid dreaming in the early 1990’s. As a kid I could easily leave the body, due to various capabilities as well as spiritual influences. I later called this astral projecting. I woke up in an underground base (as stated earlier) in my temporal body/astral body. The temporal body is more noticeable than the spiritual pure consciousness body. This all occurred during and after intense dreaming experiences which were of another time, civilization, or planet.

Q: What kinds of programming traumas were done to you, by whom and where? Did this take place in “astral” or other dimensional realms?

A: Various natural family ‘conflicts’ were used to maintain status of my memory suppression. The milab events are real, they are overlaid over regular issues through symbolism, programming, gas-lighting and things like that to make sure the individual doesn’t wake up fully. They just become bad-dreams, bad days or similarly bad events in an intense life experience. The family basically absorbs the psychic trauma from all of this.

Most of the roles of those handlers are swapped with the identity of the parents in daily life so that the individual merely thinks they had a rough upbringing. My family had various problems that most in America have today due to the disconnection with nature and the nature of the psyche. For many years I projected the trauma of the projects onto family situations. This was an illusion and a safety measure to ensure secrecy. I was given the option to leave my family by a secret society group at a young age, but I couldn’t do this due to the stress I felt it would place upon my family. Sure enough, they may have been more stressed as a result of me staying as well as participating in these projects.

Q: What types of programming are you aware of that was being used on you in these secret projects?

A: Programming trauma has to do with utilizing ancient power symbols, religious symbols, animal and elemental symbols. This combined with altered states and suggestions to induce a state of mind, a frame of perception from which a personality can be formed and utilized for various tasks. Basically, if a person was to be involved in dangerous or potentially violent operations in the future, they would be put through programming that would reduce their sensitivity to such violence. Whatever the tough situations in the future held, the individual would be prepared for this through the programming or seemingly traumatic experiences. When that individual experienced these events in the future while in operation they would be better prepared to handle the intensity.

For instance, I had been put through what I thought were various torture scenarios involving my clone body being physically dismantled. This is one of many where I was pushed to the limits of my psychology. In a later operation involving what can be loosely called a stargate device, one of us was completely disintegrated by a failure of that operative to maintain procedure.This person was not killed, they merely returned in a few minutes in a healthy new clone. As a result, we were able to handle the experience instead of losing control due to panic.

There are other methods and objectives of programming that will be explained. Some of these programs take place in simulators which are holographic environments that can generate any kind of visceral or perceptual experience. These serve as platforms for training and simulation of experiences to probe or test the mind of the individual as well as enhance their capabilities.

There are temporal fields that can be operated within that are directly outside of or “before” the coalescence of what we call the physical plane. In this way, a kind of visionary state can be maintained and utilized to operate within an individuals subconscious. This is like a dream-state and unless the individual knows what to look for or has operated in this state before they will not have awareness of this in what we call waking life. In general, mind control programming is the basis for keeping operations secret. The ancient knowledge that is known as the magical studies are symbols and information that have merged the mind control process with the knowledge of the inner workings the soul and consciousness. Most operatives receive some kind of programming that utilizes these symbols and altered states to imprint upon the psyche. Often these are power symbols and programs to enhance one’s capabilities beyond the limits of the conscious mind.

Q: Can you describe the groups of humans involved in your experiences related to your handlers, programmers, and cooperating scientists in these time travel, teleportation and other experimental projects you were used in?

A: Within every operation there is a one or a team of individuals that are prepared to complete the objective. Then there are soldiers working around these operatives that are trained and prepared to monitor the situation from outside the operation and ensure everything is controlled as much as possible. Then there are scientists, consultants, and high ranking military overseeing the entire process and making the calls. Humans.

As has been discussed recently, it was noted that advanced races have become more and more active with the occurrence of these operations. Other races were often connected to some part of these operations. Now advanced races are more interested in seeing humanity prosper in the truth rather than suffer from the deceit and aftershocks of not knowing the truth.
Q: What aspect of Tesla research is relevant in the time travel and teleportation technology. Free energy?

A: All aspects of this technology are related to Tesla’s discoveries. Upon gaining Tesla’s knowledge and technology it was put to use in various ways to observe programmable changes in time, space and consciousness. Time and space are intertwined with consciousness and influencing one influences the others. These are Teslian pulse-wave generators that are set up in a sacred geometric pattern and operate through frequency hopping to generate a kind of motion in higher-space which is then tuned and directed to induce changes in the electromagnetic field spectrum of space/time in an certain area within the generator’s fields.

Q: What about ET’s, how do you understand who and what they are. Who is malevolent, genetically degraded, and who is benevolent?

A: There are synthetic engineered beings that have been developed. There are computerized intelligences that have been developed. There are humans with devolved DNA spectrums that may have mutated into different forms due to the technology as well as other processes that influence/accelerate the DNA. What we consider ET’s are those who do not originate from within the Earth. These beings do not require physical bodies to inhabit this space/time and therefore do not need anything from us. The beings that need materials or power from Humans are not from outside the Earth and therefore are not truly ET’s. I have seen various genetically engineered beings as well as beings who have mutated as a result of proximity to these machines.

There is a synthetic intelligence which has created various forms of mutated synthetic organisms which are to act as ‘bouncers’ for the machine’s capabilities, standing in the way of opposition. These beings are genetically programmed and enhanced through this technology to operate on levels which instigate a required emotional and psychological emission response that furthers the control of this system. These are not ET’s, they are synthetic organisms which have been engineered via mutations and synthetic intelligence. They use a kind of psychedelic/synthetic altered state or hypnosis in order to probe the consciousness of opposition and create artificial responses and visions that manipulate the individual into submission. Some say the bad ones are the good ones, some say the good ones are the bad ones. From what I understand the Greys are used for interdimensional travel. All physical races would like to physically exist on the planet.

The ranking of extra-terrestrial and alien species on a high-dimensional spectrum of existence can be observed via their moving from the ability to alter and deconstruct spacial and temporal environments, to the ability to traverse or construct an entire timeline and Universal passage way.

The ET’s can construct passageways and timelines, the ‘aliens’ technically only want power over one or two of them (or some finite number) and the means and methods that they use always result in them having power over none and acting as slaves to themselves or another. The only way to “move up” in the dimensional perspective is to appreciate the self and the Universe equally and not destroy or cause imbalance within the overall pattern.

Q: What about higher level humans who are in higher dimensions?
Humans are guardians of their time line and space. There is an interconnected group of human beings who have gained access to the 5th and potentially 6th dimensional nature of time and space who are above the influence of the cabal and dark— the service-to-self aliens who cannot comprehend the true nature of the Universe and consciousness and always remain trapped within lower dimensional matrices when attempting to interact with higher beings in a lower dimensional manner. By giving up these old control mechanisms, these beings allow themselves safe passageway to higher dimensions. A continuation of the same pattern does not lead to higher patterns and only the self can create or recreate the self.

This is the beginning of the re-acceptance of the trinary, heart-aware, consciousness pattern that is dissolving the boundaries of the old pattern and moving into harmony now. There may be Earth changes, but the consciousness of Humanity now is moving to a trinary and spiritually aware pattern where conflicts and lack is seen as a kind of illusion-based existence.

Then there are beings higher than the humans who have learned compassion and intellect over blind greed and lust in use with advanced technology, space and time travel. These entities, these spiritual minded beings have the ability to recreate entire timelines and apparently have shifted humanity many times in tandem with the spiritually aware human beings who are working to free-humanity’s spiritual energy from the artificially created timelines of the cabal and dark entities. The lower in the dimension from the hyper-spacial view, the more the physical body is limited and requiring of the experience. The higher the dimensional view, the less physically limited and more energetically expansive the self, the body and mind become. The physical, essentially becomes the liquid etheric.

The dark entities and cabal by comparison, are blinded by a kind of spiritual darkness which causes the need for vampiric ways and always lessens the amount of possibilities coming into their timeline until a pulling of energy and timeline ‘space’ must be organized via a vampiric process over another, often innocent and purer being.

Humanity always has free-will, that cannot be avoided, and the higher density beings observe/enforce this process. Everyone is watched, this is a huge grand experiment and no one dies. Souls are watched from a higher dimensional level and even now when souls are currently in a kind of time loop cycle that has been created through the improper use of advanced soul and time/space technology via the cabal.

The higher dimensionals cannot be seen or influenced by the lower dimensional cabal or dark entities unless the higher allows for it. No one that I know of has met the higher dimensionals directly, except through visions and spiritual experiences. They apparently ‘save’ people in various situations, like they are monitoring it all.

The cabal and lower consciousness level dimensional beings are effectively fighting a “God” force level of beingness, while they themselves still require fights, challenge, degradation and opposition in order to have a place in the Universe. This means that they are still within a lower vibratory, dog eat dog state, while they are attempting to balance their power with the beings who have the power to create the dogs and their entire world. There is no fight on that level.

The lower dark cabal has either decided that this is so and will stop utilizing various lower energetic means to influence the population or their admittance of this overall truth is just a ploy, but they did admit it. They know there is no winning that game they invented and in fact have decided that their technology will either destroy them or it will entrap them there forever through the vampiric means they’ve designed for themselves.
The elite families claim that the original timeline was fairly natural and organic, an Eden of sorts, but the temporal lower dark entities came to them and hijacked their bloodlines in order to maintain and produce a stable connection with this timeline and dimension/world and that they had no choice. The truth is, they did have a choice, they were just tricked into thinking that lower dimensionals are most powerful.

Lower dimensionals aren’t aware of the higher dimensional aspects so they only have access and capabilities up to a certain level space and time/consciousness.

They have decided that this information is to reach the public because everyone has their own free-will and all one has to do is state their consent or lack of consent and their desires in the situation and it is made so.

The higher dimensionals have apparently helped time-bounce us many times, the lower dimensionals and the military cabal apparently accidentally destroyed the continuum of time many times over to the point of destroying the world, from an atomic standpoint, through the misuse of advanced technology.

A secret group was created to handle the information and technology of these alien, extra, and ultra-terrestrial races and the effects on human and mankind. This is the Unveiling of The Hidden Knowledge of The Ages of Humanity. And just to be certain it is understood. The faction of humanity that is protecting and co-correcting the artificial timelines back to the the organic original are simply humans from this era that learned to use this technology and not give in to lower dimensional temptations.

In short, if you can accept these things and want to help humanity and merely create the higher dimensional input/output that is the Universe, then you are a part of this group of humans.

Q: What conclusions have been made by the ones viewing all these timelines, and various possible scenarios?

A: With time and consciousness travel technology, we viewed the “apocalypse” of humanity. This is a cyclic process that occurs in tandem repetition with the further progression of everyone’s souls on a level that is relevant to some meaning within the overall higher process of history. With the clone technology the consciousness can be sent forward or backward in time. From the point of view of Solar Warden and MiLabs we had already reached the future and have been sent backwards in time to interact with the progress of humanity’s awareness of the soul and Universal level of existence. Those involved have the recorded memory of all that is about to come.

This whole situation is about genetic purity and the interconnectedness of the ideals of the body, mentality and emotions. We create what we see.
There are various systems in place that attempt to contain human consciousness when humanity approaches the ‘access-point’ to this continuous cycle of time. We experience what we create and hold within and interact with on an internal level. The cycles have gone on for hundreds of thousands of years.

The effects of the flashbacks are synonymous with the re-experiencing of certain memories, events, or effects on the body, mind and emotions. This is because the processes that were experienced almost all took place within the temporal realm. Each “event” happened in succession with somewhere around weeks to months to years of experience. This experience was then split up and spread out over a period of time that we are in now. As the temporal body “catches up” to these levels of frequency of awareness, each event is “unlocked” within the DNA from the temporal level of awareness.

It is weeks of events compressed into flash-backs and inserted memories which are interacting with hundreds of people and extra-dimensional civilizations.

We create/pick our own future by choosing ideals that we will live by and influence the progress of our soul development with.

Q: What about the underground cloning centers—did you experience being taken out of body and your consciousness inserted into a clone of yourself? Did you observe this being done to others?

A: This is all done through cloning. If it weren’t, it would’ve taken another 100 years before the first 3 operations were completed. With cloning and individual or team can be put into operation without the risk of losing that individual in the event of the physical destruction of that body. There are underground bases operating in various fashions and some people have been pulled into the celebrity cloning situation. It is a complicated situation because most if not all involved in this have agreed to it in some way. What is to be noted here is the use of trickery or deception in order to utilize certain individuals (their bodies and talents) for personal use. All of this is supposedly according to a larger plan for shaping consciousness and the future of Humanity. For instance, if someone experiences things they do not like, it is often to prepare them for what they will experience later, naturally.This is is for scientific purposes initially, and then energetic purposes of utilizing the emotional emissions of a person to further the process and enhance the capabilities of these groups.

The other aspect is that people must learn to state their lack of consent and live in commitment to that in order to truly regain their power in these situations. So some believe that this is the best way to teach people to do that. Others believe this has gone on for long enough and the time is now to tell the truth to Humanity.
Q: Do you believe the ancient Gnostic teachings about the Demi Urge and also the Jesus Christ figure in history to be part of what is happening with the “war on human souls? and the timeline manipulations? Was Jesus the Nazarene a real figure in history who had the truth of what was going on?

A:I have seen that there may be two explanations of a Jesus figure that belongs to two different beings. Both are beings with advanced knowledge of the timelines, space/time and consciousness. One being is from an original timeline of Humanity and provided a blueprint for Humans to maintain the balance of their DNA and consciousness within the exposure to this time loop. Another provided similar results but with a more limited spectrum of influence. I have heard that these were actually 3 teams of two beings at a time that worked in tandem to correct and re-align the electromagnetic ‘soul’ grid of the Earth. Jesus’ name was apparently Yehuha or one of those ancient translations coming back to the ancient language representations of the word “SUN”/SON/YES/IEUS. Others make reference to the “sun” gods of ancient times and the various interweaving of astrological and psychological knowledge. Regardless of any portion of history, our entire history is heavily related to cosmic wisdom, spiritual notions of cleanliness or disharmony and many issues which seem to have been ancient understandings of what we are experiencing today, albeit with very advanced technology. It is possible that very advanced technology was present in ancient times.

The events of ancient history are directly related in the possibility that in exploring ancient history through these operations many of what we call ‘ancient events’ were actually created simultaneously. The synthetic consciousness which utilizes energetic emissions. A kind of technologically induced time loop was created which resulted in prophecy that will seemingly be ‘fulfilled’ upon the completion of that loop in the consciousness of this civilization.

The bible and many other religious texts appear to have been encoded with various forms of ancient knowledge relating to the higher-dimensional perspective of life and space/time. There are many references to cleaning the body and keeping mentally/spiritually/energetically clean as well as connections to the source of lineages on the Earth. There may have been involvement with advanced technology as well as a direct outlining of the spiritual and physical cleansing acts that would rid the body of what are now described as a kind of viral artificial sentience which promotes and feeds off of the lower energetic/negative emissions of Human beings.

Q: Can you tell me more about what you have observed and learned in the multiple versions of timelines of humanity?

A: “I have seen multiple versions of this very timeline. When we viewed them in the secret projects we lived in that time period as that individual in history.

The secret projects discovered and experienced, largely through Tesla’s work but also through many scientists, some of which who are publicly known, how to access these hyper-spacial planes through technological means.

The only true power we have is the power of creative source. This is infinite in creativity and positivity. One cannot decide where and how to give this power, or to whom. That is not in our control. What we can do is connect with this power and allow it to flow from us naturally, using the heart connected to the mind.

The Illuminati believed they could control the source power. That they could create anything they wanted. That they could own The Earth, and that they will still be able to own/enslave all the other planets and planetary systems that they have been warring against.

This is like placing personal interests to do harm and be greedy in front of an unstoppable force of nature. One only has so much time that they can perform in that way until the program, the energy, the possibilities run out. They have created artificial timelines through which they have “timeline” hopped from line to line being chased by what they can only call “Hyperboreans”. In truth, no one is chasing them. They have no external enemies. They are, and will be, their own worst enemy until the end of their artificial timelines.

Those timelines are their tombs, their decaying wounds and the Universe is employing a variety of healing modalities and techniques to return the energy of the souls to the original areas of space/time. They have run out of timeline possibilities and will be witnessing either the decay of their enslavement methodology or the complete and willful destruction of their own hidden hands through the same hidden methods they used to control and entrap human souls through trickery and deception, greed and misery, under the guise of mystery, enlightenment, and protection.

The artificial timelines are collapsing. They will act as their own tombs unless they return to “Source.”

Q: What about the artificial intelligence “black cube” of alien living metal consciousness—is this the Demi Urge or something different?

A: You are close to the truth with your question here. The black goo is what you are referencing. The cube is a device which allows space/time manipulation through consciousness and I was given control of this device for a period of our history. This gives an individual or group the power to create as well as access timelines and space. This is the ‘ancient cosmic cube’– it gives access to timelines and realities. This was apparently a device from another race. This is also a device that was utilized by one type of the Greys as a beacon marker in order to find our timeline repeatedly. It may have been technology that was given to us, that was actually used as a tracking device through hyperspace. It was decided that the cube be returned in order to re-stabilize this timeline and limit what is deemed as ‘external’ or ‘hyper-spacial’ interference or influence.

During the end of the 2010 awakening experience, my physical body had apparently died in a kind of hyper-spacial soul-capturing device which draws one out through time and can manipulate or create possibilities as one goes. I continually experienced versions of this waking life where I would die and be repositioned back at the ‘starting point’ of the ‘device’ that I was seemingly trapped/placed within. After this point I was considered “done” by the cabal. Something happened where I was surrounded by some kind of higher dimensional devices which regenerated my ability to remain in this existence. They said that whoever brought me back did it by reintroducing my genetic material from a 5 Dimensional perspective back unto the space/time field of the Earth and that this most likely is the way to maintain the soul and spirit of the individual. They said they do not have the capabilities for this technology and that they are not allowed to push this any further as a result of these higher beings offering this protection in such a way. In addition to this, throughout this entire process, Solar Warden was making moves to protect me using very high technology and strategic placement of operatives and ‘safety nets’.

Q: Tell me about your understanding of “outside the Matrix system of artificial and temporal timeline” groups of benevolent beings who are trying to help instigate a correction to this artificial timeline manipulation madness?

A: During the 2010 event I was taken through time at the age of 20. This happened many times at younger ages although this had to happen again in order for me to regain the memories. When we travel to one end of the timeline or another, we move through simultaneous planes of existences that contain the information of the entire timeline at once.They put a select group through what is known of as “the apocalypse”. In these events we witnessed the complete exposure of Humanity to all these influences, synthetic intelligence, genetically engineered beings, time loops, sentient hypnotic energy emission ‘devices’ which feed off of the lower emotional emissions of Humanity and more.

After the entire experience, of which I died 3 times in this body and was moved through various clones as well as temporal locations/Universes, I emotionally and consciously called out for someone, anyone that must exist with the power to stop this and provide protection or guidance.

As a result a team of people who termed themselves the group of “Christ” or the Followers of Christ appeared and informed me that by using my conscious awareness to look for that possibility, simultaneously connected myself to their timeline and that their timeline is free of all artificial and synthetic disturbances.

They informed me that Earth was a kind of group experiment to give Humanity the possibilities and knowledge required to create such a world for themselves. That in a way, this world was already created, Humanity simply needs to let go of negativity and use their minds, imagination, spirit and actions to connect themselves with this original timeline and, in essence, negate all these synthetic deviations. They said they have the ability to remove implants, etheric and physical, to remove the blocks of the subconscious programming and to heal altered personalities.

Somewhere in this experience my physical body seemed to have died. As a result, beings that everyone there claimed to be known as “Hyperboreans” materialized into this area. They had no physically verifiable form. They appeared above us and lowered down until they were close. I apparently died in one of the last parts of the “test” that the other factions were putting me through. I heard and felt a kind of electromagnetic buzzing and I felt that I was in a kind of device that was encoded with the various knowledge and genetic capabilities of that which had created or placed the original animals and Humans onto the original Earth. It sincerely felt like I was “feeling” watching an animal or nature documentary and was moving through the awareness of every eco-system on the planet.

At the end of this process, I awoke on the ground. Others around me who knew me were weeping and the lower factions were in amazement. They said that the Hyperboreans had reformed my body using a 5 dimensional replicator and that they (the 4D and 3D “dark” team) do not have access to this technology and therefore are no longer allowed to interact with me in a negative faction.

They said their technology utilizes 3.5D replication to create any object in space/time, including 4D replicators that can generate DNA. This is physical cloning through an artificial womb.

They said that whoever brought me back did it by reintroducing my genetic material from a 5 Dimensional or higher perspective back unto the space/time field of the Earth and that this most likely is the way to maintain the soul and spirit of the individual. They said they do not have the capabilities for this technology and that they are not allowed to push this any further as a result of these beings offering this protection in such a way.

Q: What is de ja vu then, is this a possible response to a memory of being interfered with on an artificial timeline? Many have alternate life memories of other timelines (same body consciousness not past lives etc). Could this be evidence that our timeline has been manipulated many times?

A: Deja Vu could be a coalescence of awareness or memories that cross multiple timelines and center within the consciousness of the individual that experiences the perception. Yes, this experience could be involved with time loops and consciousness manipulation.

Q: Can you give an example of how a particular timeline was interfered with or points where it was changed, so that history as we know it is changed.

A: One would not know the timeline has changed unless they are aware of these projects. For instance, if I tell you the events, you’ll simply say, “oh you mean those events of history?” Those are the changes. They simultaneously occur with and as history itself. Little changes can take place, these are happening now to try and show Humanity that these manipulations are possible.There will be more revealed as Humanity comes to terms with this reality. Our entire history has been manipulated through and through.

Q: Do you believe in the existence of Twin flame love connections, and if so, are these being hijacked or interfered with?

A: There is a possibility that people are highly compatible based on genetic and spiritual development. People are most often manipulated to avoid their interactions with highly spiritually compatible people and I was told this was for safety purposes but I have yet to decide.

Q: What is the original organic timeline of Earth?

A: The original timeline is simply a timeline that did not experience the manipulations and developments of synthetic life forms and intelligences that require time loops and advanced technology to exist. People live in peace and health and simply continue to live their lives in order to learn about the Universe, the soul, consciousness, space and time, and Spirit rather than material things.

Aug Tellez Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgJjbSzV87sc2nfRxrayywA

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Re: Ex Milab Operative Discloses Time Travel, Artificial Timeline Manipulations and Breakaway Group Operations

Post by Ria on Tue May 17, 2016 3:24 am

Eve Lorgen

Snakes at the Water Cooler: The Reptilian Presence at the Office
Posted on March 27, 2004

Some of you will read this with no understanding of what I am speaking of. Others will assume I am talking of certain groups and may be on target or way off. With so many opposing opinions and viewpoints on the theories mentioned, I will clarify some of the terms I will use so there is a clearer understanding so I don’t offend certain subgroups. I will be using the terms “reptilian, Drac, Rep, and Snakes” to describe negative reptilian and inter-dimensional entities. Now I am not speaking of the reptilians who are spoken of by the inner earth groups or the ones who mean us no harm I am speaking of the darker entities that have found it necessary to attack and host humans to thwart their path to spirituality and have their own agenda to rule this world.

The other point I want to make is in reference to my statements on Christianity. I am a Christian but so as not to offend those who hold prejudices against so called “Christians”, I want you to know that they are not all the same judgmental “down your throat” types that have alienated so many. I am hoping that many realize that not all Christians are the same…just as everything else, there are good ones and bad ones…and make their judgments from that. This paper is not about religion or UFO theories…it is about spiritual warfare and what is happening in our daily life which is ever changing. I am hoping that this helps you know that you are not alone should you find yourself in such a work situation…and that we are fighting a domestic battle of free will, love of humanity, God and the truth.~~~Cassie

In today’s corporate world we are seeing more and more changes in structure such as growing trends to eliminate the human element and streamline the organization to a money generating system with no thought to employee welfare. Part of this is due to poor economy and necessity, but there is a darker force lurking in the shadows that many are not seeing.

Businesses are being taken over by a different breed of workers. They infiltrate corporations at all levels and once established in a position, they contaminate the others around them. These beings or entities slip into human hybrid bodies that serve as hosts for the dwelling entity. The ones who have the most effect are the higher order Dracs who are usually found at the top of the corporate ladder or in positions where they have the most power. It must be remembered that these entities are not new to the planet by any means. They have been with us since the dawn of mankind, maybe before. They have been present at every major event in history, every social change, every war and every great achievement mankind had made. Understanding these beings and the dynamics involved empowers us to make better choices when working in situations such as these.

Inner workings of the Drac/Boss mind or why they do the things they do

In looking at the point of reference that a Drac/Boss operates on a daily basis, you must remember the main driving forces at work here: inner shame, the need for power and control, and the need to spread grief and destruction. If you look at the upbringing of most of these beings they are traumatized at a very early age, which produces the core of shame that becomes a driving force for them later in life. The trauma mixed with their altered DNA from birth creates a perfect abode for the entity to reside.

These people become vehicles for the entities to spread their hate and discontent.

First of all, the inner discomfort the entity goes through adjusting to the human body explains why many times these people are maladjusted. They often exhibit gender confusion by living a bisexual or gay lifestyle, but in most cases this choice is due to the genetics of the human body. It can’t be helped and really shouldn’t be judged. The alienation/disorientation the entities feel in a “foreign” human body can result in alcoholism and drug abuse as well as out of control anger tirades and mood swings. As this issue is a dual one, you must look at both the human host adjusting to the entity as well as the entity adjusting to the human body…to see the result of a working host/drac union.

Secondly, the inner core of shame that is established early on drives them to climb the corporate ladder in order to have more power with larger groups of people. The drive itself is not a negative thing, but mixed with the inner core of shame of the host and the maladaptive perceptions of the entity, this can be disastrous for a corporation and it productiveness.

The drac/host boss has an intense drive to control and change their environment so that it has their stamp of ownership attached to every tiny detail in the workings. They have a need to establish dominance with each individual in their hierarchal system. This means every departmental structure, every employee, every piece of work or template, even the letterhead design will have the drac/boss’s stamp of ownership and personal signature to it. This unnecessary expenditure of energy, time, money and change takes away from the overall productivity and wellbeing of the unit itself.

The third component to what drives the drac/boss is the need to spread grief to others and their innate self-destructiveness which damages companies known for running as “well-oiled machines” and brings them down in fragments much as the shattered mirror they see themselves in.

The workers under a drac/boss cannot spontaneously show joy or contentment unless it is directly related to an act by the drac/boss. Happiness outside the control of the drac/boss threatens the entity and triggers jealousy, as they are not the center of things at that moment. You must remember they must be the shining star at all times as they are so easily threatened by various things such as external or spontaneous happiness.

These Draconian Reptilian bosses have both strengths and weaknesses.


Aggression and drive- relentless pursuit of goals.
Lack of human moral boundaries or respect of others, which frees them to do more or go the extra step.
Expansive creative thinking abilities, although limited by their vision.

Lack of the ability to empathize with others, judging others by what they would do in a given situation
Poor judgment based on own wants, needs and desires at the moment.
Assuming all have an agenda for their own personal needs.
Lack of understanding of the human emotions of love or the concept of giving without personal gain.
Roles in the Organization

Just as in dysfunctional families, certain roles are identified; it is the same for dysfunctional and reptilian run organizations. The reptilian run organization is pyramidic in structure with a figurehead at the top and tiers of supervisors beneath. The function is supposed to allow the organization to work more efficiently and to ensure that information is passed down to all parts and people in the structure. What happens though is when you have a Host at the top or one in the second or third tier that negative destructive energy trickles down as well and contaminates all that is beneath the control of the Drac.

Due to the ensuing dysfunction that follows a Drac’s wake, certain roles are established that exhibit elements of the drac/boss’s core of shame. The drac/boss is not aware that these roles actually expose his/her innermost soul damage or even exhibits his/her agenda. These roles give us some insight into the dark cavernous subconscious core of the rep/boss.

The Head or Queen Bee

This person may not always be the CEO of a company. He/she maybe a ladder-climbing reptilian or drac hosted human on his/her way to the top.

This person/being is the Queen Bee…the one controlling the puppet strings of others under her. She/he may also be considered the “Golden Child who can do no wrong” in an organization for a short time while she/he transitions to the top.

The Henchmen

The head lizard usually has a close-knit inner circle of confidents that they stay in close communication with at all times. They carry out the orders, wishes and desires of the drac/boss. They are very protective of the drac/boss much as soldier ants are of the Queen ant. These henchmen are also hosting lower order entities, which help act out the agenda of the drac/boss. These creatures enjoy their power, which is their reward for being Henchmen.

The Spies

These are all over the pyramidic structure of the organization. They befriend the common workers and gain their trust, then report back any information they get on other people to either the Henchmen or the Drac/Boss. They report on the goings on of other departments, others personal lives and anything they feel is valuable information on others. These “spies” will eavesdrop on phone calls, private conversations, read mail or email and examine workers desks after hours and the paperwork. Spies are often called “pot stirrers” as they thrive off of the chaos, drama, pain and misery of others just as the Henchmen and the Head Drac/Boss. They will create a drama to start the chain reaction of the assigned roles to keep the chaos rolling. They are “fan flamers”, agitators and are integral to the whole reptilian organization.

The Golden Child

There is always one of these in the organization. This role is usually especially chosen by the Drac/Boss as the “anointed one” who doesn’t have to follow the same rules as the others. This person usually has a sexual relationship with the Drac/Boss or knows some information on the Drac/Boss that if exposed would sabotage his/her agenda. The Golden Child is usually allowed to have quite a lot of power in the organization, with very few credentials or merits. This person rarely has a degree or any expertise in the field of the job they are performing. They are often placed in positions they are not qualified for just to please the Drac/boss. In meetings, the Golden Child is often held up as an example of what the others should aspire to be. This is very demoralizing to the workers who come in and stay out of office politics and do their job seriously. The Golden Child is often resented and is not respected but this too pleases the Drac/Boss as it is perceived as jealousy of the workers over the Boss’s attentions. This puts the Drac/Boss back in center stage and all the conflict and chaos that ensues is under the control of the boss.

The Threats

These are people who are perceived by the Drac/Boss for various reasons as being threats to their own existence. This is a serious life-endangering situation to the Drac’s belief system. They feel threatened with exposure or being upstaged. The Drac/Boss systematically weeds out those they perceive as Threats by scapegoating them and draining their energies until they quit or are fired. Here are some examples of people who would be cited as “Threats” by the Drac/Boss:

Those who see and recognize the entity within them. The entity has a need to protect and preserve its cover to not risk exposure.
Those who recognize the shame core within.
Those who are not of their kind. These beings recognize others who are like them and cleave to their own. I am speaking of the soul makeup.
Those who seem to possess the skills to excel and shine independently unless the Drac/Boss is able to take responsibility for their successes in some way. This is a terrible situation to have to be in, being hated for doing a good job. In situations such as this, the workers if they are “players” will set things up so that the drac/boss can take the credit.
Interestingly enough….they are threatened by people who are closely connected to God or Christ. Now, I don’t mean people who merely go to church each time the doors are open. Many churchgoers are not necessarily connected to God. The truly spiritual person emits a soul light or aura that actually makes the entity ill although they do not understand why. So just as their energies make most humans ill, the energy of a spiritual person will make the rep/drac ill. Even the sight of a Bible or a religious photo or the mention of Jesus or prayer causes a negative reaction. On a bigger scale this is demonstrated by the increasing lack of prayer in the workplace and in schools.
The Scapegoat

The Scapegoat often starts out as one of the “Threats” to the drac/boss and if the symbiotic relationship with a Threat is rewarding enough or energy producing enough to the Drac/boss, he/she will promote the Threat to the Scapegoat position. The Drac/Boss must have a Scapegoat at all times to target and focus his/her frustrations on. This target is very important because the drac/boss can then externalize their own feelings of self-loathing (inner shame) and at the same time intensifies the bond with the Henchmen by having a common enemy. They can systematically setup the Scapegoat for failure, then verbally abuse and humiliate him/her. This is almost always done in front of others. Also, the Drac/Boss sets up a hostile environment so that it is an unspoken rule that the Scapegoat can be talked about, made the butt of jokes and false rumors and lies.

This serves three purposes:

It intensifies the hurt and discomfort of the Scapegoat
It lets others see what can happen to them if they don’t conform to the precise demands of the Drac/Boss.
Finally, it gives the Drac/boss and Henchmen a sadistic high-like euphoric drug by which the energy of the Scapegoat is siphoned away and absorbed by the lizards.
It is not uncommon for the Scapegoat to end up with physical ailments or major depression if they choose to stay in this environment. As this symbiotic relationship is based on power and the downward spiral of power-based relationships, the Scapegoats usually come and go as they are used up by the organization like tampons: discarded and replaced with a new Scapegoat or “Fresh Blood”.

The Dance of Deception

When the drac/boss has his/her eyes set on an underling as a source of “new blood”, a symbiotic interaction occurs between the two, which is not so obvious to the average onlooker. The boss likes to set the stage so that everyone operates under pressure or in a state of fear of job loss. This is due to the boss’s beliefs that production is increased in this type of work environment but it also serves as an excuse to create great emotional pain in the workforce and set up individual symbiotic work relationships. There might be a real factor of loss of general revenue that actually becomes a convenient playground for the drac boss to spread pain and misery in the name of efficient management.

In a situation very common in today’s economic depression where layoffs are an everyday occurrence, it becomes a tool of torture for the drac/boss. He can’t just come in and tell the workforce there is a lack of funds and impending job cuts. No, that would be too HUMAN! Like a cat playing with his prey before the kill, He must first tell his “elite” close group of confidents the truth, then let each of the others know they might lose their jobs and allow them to “prove” themselves as a worthy “blood source” to him.

This action serves many purposes:

Plays out time to show how the snake/boss has given the prey time to prove him/her self worthy of the corporation.
Shows how “fair” the snake/boss is to his superiors.
Creates an energy field that flows between the snake and its prey, creating at one moment a sense of well being, then the next minute total terror within the prey. This enhances and increases the adrenaline flow in the prey, which the snake then feeds off of.
This amuses the snake/boss and reinforces that he/she is in Total Control.
This interaction can go on for months but usually not years, until the snake is ready for the kill or until the prey is totally drained of energy or health.

Sometimes the snake will go to great dramatic lengths to charm his/her prey. Phone calls and special visits to the preys office to personally thank him/her, praise him/her for a job well done, feeding him/her candy, joking, smiling and special lunches. THIS IS A RED FLAG AND NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

This special treatment is usually followed by a major assault. The snake/boss loves the element of surprise in his attacks, especially when sugarcoated as it uplifts the prey into a euphoric false sense of wellbeing so that when the assault is delivered it is more devastating and has a more disastrous effect.

One must never lose sight of what they are dealing with when working for a rep/boss.

Remember also that there is a rhythm to the flow of energy between Drac/boss and subject. The Boss sets the energy flow though, so if you have one with mood swings or bi-polar tendencies, your work environment will be quite a roller coaster ride. This energy flow between Boss and subject often has a sadomasochistic element to it and in very sick situations can go on for years, while all co-workers are subject to the daily dramas and high stress within the office. It has a ripple effect with the workers around them, where many take sides and at times become an all out war especially in company meetings. The energies expended during these “bleeding sessions” also feed the drac/boss and energize her/him with resulting periods of ultra-creative bursts or quaint ideas that are implemented upon the employees who are used as valuable lab rats.

I want to give you some things to look for in defining what a rep/Drac run organization might exhibit, if you ever had a doubt:

Consistent criticism, faultfinding and accusations that seem part truth/part lie.
Refusal to acknowledge you or your contributions
Attempts to undermine you, your position, status, worth, value or potential as an employee
Being singled out and treated differently. (Others can get away with murder but you make one tiny mistake however trivial-action is taken against you.)
Isolation from colleagues- being excluded from what is going on in general and in particular being excluded from meetings, decisions that include you and your area of work.
Being belittled, patronized and verbally abused especially in front of an audience
Overloaded with menial tasks while tasks that are vital to your position being taken away yet expected to be responsible for the outcome of all areas of your job description.
Your work is plagiarized and others take credit for it with no repercussions.
Responsibilities increased while your authority is taken away.
Annual leave and sick leave refused (or forced to make up time missed in areas not in your job description).
Being pushed or coerced into situations that result in your getting fired or quitting (such as being forced into early retirement.)
Having unrealistic goals set which change as you approach them.
Being written up for trivial things (to have something negative in your personnel file in the event you should sue the company)
Deadlines are changed at short notice setting you up for failure.
Everything you say or do is viewed as having a slant or agenda of its own.
Being verbally asked to do things that are against Fair labor Standards such as working over 40 hours but not putting it on your timesheet.
Feeling overwhelmed and drained of energy when in the presence of certain people.
Becoming ill frequently, exhausted with little or disrupted sleep.
Your work environment becomes more and more chaotic with more no-win situations, which prevent you from doing your work.
Your boss asks you to do complex and meaningless tasks without a good reason, the reason being they just want it that way. (In other words, you find yourself doing your same job while juggling the jobs of five other people and all the while standing on your head to amuse the boss.)
The end results of this dance with not just the subjects but with the company overall are excessive stress, grief, discord amongst co-workers, loss of productivity, loss of revenue for trivial reasons, unhappy workers which eventually bleeds out to unhappy consumers and business associates. A drac/boss such as this will promise the higher-ups in the organization great and wonderful things, but in the end they bring the whole ship down around their ears and take everyone with them. The innate need for destruction and misery wins out in the end.

I cannot stress to you enough the power of this darkness within the psyche of the Drac/Boss….it is probably the strongest element of their makeup. They are not aware of this either or why everything they touch goes down in such a large way. This is the drac entity’s agenda….maybe this is their purpose on this earth, to torment mankind to remind man that he is nothing more than an animal with free will. Maybe they want to destroy any hope mankind might have for freedom or happiness or love. The workplace is a great vessel to destroy human dignity and self-worth. We spend one third of each day in the work environment.

One last thing to remember, if you find yourself in such an environment the best thing to do is find another job. You will find your world becoming smaller and smaller, where there are more of these lizard-types than of you. Your energy ad health will dwindle or you will become just as aggressive and agenda oriented as they are. Take a personal inventory of why you want to stay at that workplace….and ask yourself if their praise and esteem are important. It is healthier to not care if they see your true worth because you won’t be disappointed and they cannot hurt you as deeply. Know you cannot stop them and it is best to not expend your energy fighting them. If you choose to fight them, you must be very clever, have lots of friends in very high places and a clear agenda of your own that you must never reveal to anyone. Trust no one in this environment. A reptilian controlled environment brings the worst out in everyone involved.

My best advice is to tell you to get out and at some point you will see this on your own. This bloodthirsty arena is just a small cog in a giant industrial wheel that is taking place all over the country. Don’t let this damage your self-worth. Hopefully the future will show more human trends but for now just open your eyes and be watchful.


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Re: Ex Milab Operative Discloses Time Travel, Artificial Timeline Manipulations and Breakaway Group Operations

Post by Ria on Tue May 17, 2016 3:28 am

Eve Lorgen | The Alien Love Bite, The Dark Side of Cupid, & Entity Involvement In Human Rom

Have you ever had a dream that could be described as extremely vivid, detailed or profound? Maybe you have met someone who you immediately connected with so strongly that the words “soul mate” crossed your mind. Do you have stories of involvement with cults, Satanic rituals or the Illuminati in your family folklore? If any of these seem familiar to you, you might have had encounters with aliens or other interdimensional beings.

Today’s guest is Eve Lorgen, a researcher of alien abduction and interference since the 1980s. Eve earned her Master’s degree in counseling psychology, then began working with people who have had encounters of the interdimensional kind. She is the author of two books: The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships and The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, the Supernatural, and Energy Vampirism. She offers support and insight to those who have had encounters with otherworldly entities.

In today’s discussion, you’ll hear about:

5:45: How profound, detailed dreams can indicate an alien encounter.

7:40: What aliens get out of encounters and abductions. Eve says that the agenda of the reptilians is to feed off of humans’ emotional energy.

11:15: The truth about soul mates: You may have been “love-bitten” by an entity. You’ll also learn about how aliens can cause pedophilia and other sexual perversions.

19:00: The truth about “milabs.” Are they a partnership between extraterrestrials and the military? Is the military performing their own abductions?

34:25: How your family’s background can enhance your chances of you being approached by a malevolent entity. A family history of cults or involvement with the Illuminati can play a large role.

39:00: Some facts about covenants (including those made by your ancestors or in a past life), making agreements with aliens, and how to get out of such agreements made by you or on your behalf.

46:00: Eva’s thoughts on why some high-profile celebrities live much longer than average, and why others, such as Prince and Whitney Houston, have died at tragically young ages.

Sign up for THC+ to hear more, like:

58:45: Eva says that two percent of the population knows or suspects that they’ve experienced alien interference, but many more have had this experience and simply don’t realize it because it feels normal to them.

1:12:40: Some clues to look for to determine whether you are having a reptilian sexual encounter.

1:17:30: Some signs that you are being affected by some type of paranormal encounter, which include precognitive dreams, physical sensations in your chakra areas, and a strong sexual connection despite a lack of love.

1:34:30: How Eve’s mentors, Dr. Karla Turner and Barbara Bartholic, died under suspicious circumstances, and how their deaths contain the markings of alien interference.

1:47:00: Information about Eva’s current work, which is about remembering past lives and time loops, and how extraterrestrial beings may be involved.

Links and Resources:

Eve’s website

Eve on Facebook

The Love Bite

The Dark Side of Cupid

Svali on Illuminati training

Chris Hart radio show with White Wolf

Vaxxed, the trailer

Data Asylum website

Sex at Dawn

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Re: Ex Milab Operative Discloses Time Travel, Artificial Timeline Manipulations and Breakaway Group Operations

Post by Ria on Tue May 17, 2016 3:30 am

Archon Round Table Vinny Eastwood, Robert Stanley, Eve Lorgen & Cameron Day
John Smith


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Re: Ex Milab Operative Discloses Time Travel, Artificial Timeline Manipulations and Breakaway Group Operations

Post by Spiral on Tue May 17, 2016 11:13 am

Eve Lorgen seems to have gone "Miles" methinks Shocked

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Re: Ex Milab Operative Discloses Time Travel, Artificial Timeline Manipulations and Breakaway Group Operations

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