Gerald Pollack: Beyond Water -- What Makes the World Go Round?

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Gerald Pollack: Beyond Water -- What Makes the World Go Round?

Post by Spiral on Wed May 18, 2016 8:38 pm

Published on 16 May 2016

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In previous conference talks starting from the first EU2012, Dr. Jerry Pollack has shown that water contains a fourth phase, which bears negative charge. When water evaporates, that fourth phase rises in the form of negatively charged aerosol droplets, while positive charge rises in the form of hydronium ions. The negative-positive combination may condense into clouds. In sunshine, the evaporated hydronium ions build high into the atmosphere, while at nighttime they hardly build at all; hence, horizontal charge gradients form at the day-night boundaries. Jerry will suggest that those charge gradients drive wind flow and, more generally, may be the cause of terrestrial winds; in addition, he theorizes that that the same forces acting to produce persistent winds may help to maintain the spin of the earth on its axis.

Dr. Gerald Pollack is a professor and a lab director in the bio-engineering department of the University of Washington, Seattle. He has spent over 10 years researching the role of water in biological tissue. He is the author of the popular book The Fourth Phase of Water,

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