The Deyo Diaries: UFOs Are Here!

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The Deyo Diaries: UFOs Are Here!

Post by Spiral on Fri May 20, 2016 11:57 am

Published on 16 May 2016

Featuring Steven Spielberg, Stan Deyo, Jacques Vallee, Prof. Allen Hynek, Stanton Friedman, Margaret Mead, Ken Arnold, Betty Hill, Rev. William Gill, Klaus Nobel, RAAF Sqdn Ldr White, Ray Palmer and Colin Cameron. This amazing UFO documentary film was produced in 1977. It was way ahead of its time. Sadly, the master copies of this film and the two which followed it have been lost to the ravages of time. Only one VHS copy of it survived; so Channel 9 gave permission to convert it to digital video in an effort to preserve it as an archive for the use of posterity.

The video has been unedited, and is provided here in it's entirety. It appears on The Black Vault Case File Database. Interested in more? Check out

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