Pets are Psychic !

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Pets are Psychic !

Post by Ria on Thu Mar 03, 2016 6:29 pm


Uploaded on Dec 3, 2009A MIX OF SOME MY PET PSYCHIC MOMENTS. STARING BUFFY THE GOOSE, KATO THE MOUNTAIN LION, AND TILLMAN THE SKATEBOARDING BULLDOG. Also animal trainers Sid Yost & Trevor George Fowler, Pro Skater Rodney Mullen, and Tillman's Human Ron Davis.

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My 5 boys

Post by BooBoo on Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:27 pm

From what ive learned and red over the years, cats, I mean All types of cats, are only looking for one thing, and that is, how they are going to eat you!

I know you have heard of a junk yard dog, but I got this one cat, and she's a junk yard cat, a mean ass scrawny scrappy thing, you cant hardly play with her, when you do, there always going to be blood and it will be your blood!
She has the 10 second rule, that's only long as you can hold her, but other than that, she's fun as hell to play with.

These are my 5 adopted (rescued, or dumped off) boys from the same momma. This picture is about 3 years ago now, when we had the 15 cats last year we was up to 100lbs of food a month, now were at 8 cats and idk how much food were going thru now.

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