The MH 17 Shootdown Incident.

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The MH 17 Shootdown Incident. Empty The MH 17 Shootdown Incident.

Post by Spiral on Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:25 pm

The US State Department declined to answer questions about what information Washington may have shared with the Dutch authorities in the MH-17 probe. Dutch parliamentarians have criticized the absence of evidence the US said it had about the incident.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 on board, most of them citizens of the Netherlands. The Dutch Safety Board released a report into the incident last October, concluding the plane was shot down by a surface-fired anti-aircraft missile. However, recently revealed government correspondence admitted the investigators had no raw radar data, useful footage or satellite images of the missile launch.

Among the questions raised by Dutch MPs was an issue concerning raw radar data and satellite imagery that the United States claimed to have in its possession and which it called strong evidence.

When asked about this data, State Department spokesman John Kirby referred reporters to the Dutch government, insisting only that the US was “working together” with the investigators.

Dutch MPs slam secrecy, question lack of evidence in MH17 investigation

Some families of the MH17 victims have been trying to take legal action against Ukraine by suing the country and its president for manslaughter by negligence, as it was Kiev’s obligation to close the airspace at the time. Elmar Giemulla, aviation law professor, who is representing several families of the victims told RT that they have filed a lawsuit, however received no clear response from Ukrainian authorities.

“We had filed our lawsuits more than one year ago and we never received response from the court except from the acknowledgment of receipt. We know definitely that our lawsuit arrived at the court but for the time being we have been left completely in darkness by the court,” he said.

“We don’t know if the Ukrainian defendant had received a copy of our lawsuit. We do not know whether the Ukrainian side has responded to our allegations, claims. And we do not know what the court has in mind or whether the court will be treating this lawsuit …”

Any criminal investigation “revolves around evidence” but ultimately, Ukraine is responsible for the safety of its airspace, international lawyer Thomas Sima told RT, reiterating one of the Dutch Safety Board’s conclusions.

“At all levels it sounds though the evidence has been blocked,” Sima said. “From what I understand the Ukraine has not released key radar information… so if evidence is sealed and you are not allowed to see it and other evidence is being withheld, it is going to be hard to make a case and prove it.”

In the meantime the United States may indeed be “rather loathed” to release its intelligence, because raw data might reveal some of the military secrets, Julian Bray, aviation security and airline operation expert told RT.

“There are 101 different reasons why they won’t hand it over, but they have actually opened the door, because they say they have irrefutable proof,” Bray said. “Now, if they have the proof somehow they’re going to need to release it.”

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