Article 50 action" going - not if you want a quick Exit!

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Article 50 action" going - not if you want a quick Exit!

Post by Ria on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:29 pm

I was sent this.

Interesting if accurate?

Don't waste time and energy about getting "Article 50 action" going - not if you want a quick Exit! . You are all being deliberately diverted away from the truth about the Legal Quick Exit Route which has been enshrined in Law since 1965 - yes, that's right - 8 years before we joined the EEC. It's called an "Emergency Order In Council" - and the current metro-Elite and brown-nosing "Sir Humphreys" would much rather that the Electorate doesn't know about it! The referendum is purely "Advisory". The Laws will not change quickly, - unless the Electorate forces the political Elite to ask for an Order In Council to repeal the “1972 European Communities Act, as Amended” which is the “enabling Legal Instrument” for everything EU-related which followed it. . Under arrangements made to cope with a devolution of government administration to the 6 Regional Seats Of Government during a possible nuclear war involving an attack on the UK , - AND NEVER ALTERED SO THAT THEY ARE STILL THE LAW OF THE LAND; - all that is required is a Quorum of 3 Privy Councillors, and the Lord President Of The Council, and Her Majesty at the end of phones in a conference call. "The Order gains legal force and effect the minute after Her Majesty approves it", – down the phone*. [*]. The Establishment - which is now deeply involved in “damage control” - would rather that the Electorate is not aware that the Severance process could be so quickly managed. All the civil servants, political figureheads, Lawyers and Lobbyists who derive all- or part- of their incomes from EU-related activities/Associations/Groups or Quangoes - would "scream" at being excluded from the process – because that would take work out of their hands; - but they should be ignored, when the EU is bleeding Britain dry at the rate of GB£Millions per hour! If that GB£18.2 Billion annual figure is correct - that is another GB£36.4 Billion of YOUR money that will be paid to the EU while the metro elite and their lawyers and civil servants, and lobbyists wafle - and why would they worry? It won't be coming from THEIR bank accounts! Turning-off the "Money Valve to the EU" is the most urgent matter of all!,

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Re: Article 50 action" going - not if you want a quick Exit!

Post by Spiral on Sun Jul 03, 2016 11:03 am

Not sure if it's correct but have seen similar things elsewhere, that we can cut off from the UK side without any need for a drawn out thing inc EU officials, after all it's supposed to be a "sovereign" nation & what are they going to do ?

Invade ?

A swift act of parliament & cut off the cash, job done.


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