How the NSA Attacks Tor/Firefox Users With QUANTUM and FOXACID

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How the NSA Attacks Tor/Firefox Users With QUANTUM and FOXACID Empty How the NSA Attacks Tor/Firefox Users With QUANTUM and FOXACID

Post by norman on Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:53 pm

According to a top-secret NSA presentation provided by the whistleblower Edward Snowden

.........After identifying an individual Tor user on the Internet, the NSA uses its network of secret Internet servers to redirect those users to another set of secret Internet servers, with the codename FoxAcid, to infect the user's computer. FoxAcid is an NSA system designed to act as a matchmaker between potential targets and attacks developed by the NSA, giving the agency opportunity to launch prepared attacks against their systems.

Once the computer is successfully attacked, it secretly calls back to a FoxAcid server, which then performs additional attacks on the target computer to ensure that it remains compromised long-term, and continues to provide eavesdropping information back to the NSA..........

There's a whole lot more at the link:

This 'story' has got me thinking about why the latest versions of Windows ( at least ) are so shifted away from ownership and sovereignty, and are now so completely out of our control.

With the NSA's tactics being SO dependent on establishing long term stealthy penetration of other systems and individuals, well, what would you do if you were doing something "rebellious" and worried they were snooping?

I'd wipe my hard drive and re-install windows and everything all over again from scratch.

That's exactly the kind of world they DON'T want.

So, now Windows has morphed into something you can't do that with, and get a squeaky clean machine.

AND:  There's obviously something fishy with all those "Anti Virus" companies out there, who just happen to have never found and sampled anything the NSA puts out.

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