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Alexander Fournier: Electricity of Life | EU2016  Empty Alexander Fournier: Electricity of Life | EU2016

Post by Spiral on Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:46 pm

Published on 15 Oct 2016

There is a truly staggering complexity to reality. Yet the case can also be made for a fresh view of organic lifeforms that is in some ways elegantly simple. Learn to see organic life with new eyes. Through a ground-up view of lifeforms that emphasizes their electrical organizing physics and their relationship to this planet, we adjust our paradigm of existence to be more cohesive. We also innovate our approach to curing a cellular disorder that members of our species in English-speaking culture have termed “cancer.”

Alexander Fournier graduated from John F. Kennedy University with a Masters in Integral Psychology, which focuses on outgrowing degrees of bias and studying the psychosocial development of human systems. He values sharing important scientific discourse with a wider audience, without sacrificing its accuracy when attempting to translate it into more common vernacular. Alex is the producer and narrator for “The Electricity of Life” video series on The Thunderbolts Project YouTube Channel.

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