Getting out and about.

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Getting out and about.

Post by Tonz on Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:07 am

Well i did say i wanted to start a thread of the things we get up to from the areas where we live .
So here is the first of many to come of course ,, I hope..

We jumped in the 4x4 and took on a trail called duck creek rd. its about an hour and a half drive out country passing some very lush properties on the way , most we horse set ups .Certainly a lot of horse dung for sale round these parts.

It was a trip to try out the new used 4x4 before going away on holidays in a few weeks up north , Just to see how it handles so this day trip up to lamington national park via a trail rd fitted the bill . a most beautiful place and fun bumping your truck around . after reaching the top  a short run later to where we like to be on the top of the mountain and a walk to our favorite tree ,  with a nice cup of tea of course....

the vid below is of others to give you an idea of the place and the driving , not to much scenery in the vid but the miss's took some photos that i will attach later for now enjoy these guys.  

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