Tbetan Buddhism & Other Derivitive Cults

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Tbetan Buddhism & Other Derivitive Cults

Post by Spiral on Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:44 pm

There is a lot of difference between a religion and a cult at their polar opposites, but the differences are on a sliding scale & just to confuse things further there are clearly cults within certain religions.

Here are the factors at play in a cult.

Cults almost always have a living charismatic leader, or have had one at the outset.

These leaders create the rules & creedo of the cult as they go along but they themselves are always exempt from these rules, various reasons are given for what is usually outrageous behavior, the most common being that they are enlightened & “you just don’t understand”, but you must follow the rules because you aren’t enlightened.

Enlightenment sound great, but is not demonstrable or measurable, but it gives the guru a lot of leverage over his devotees, because after all if they aren’t getting there it’s because they are failing in their work or dharma.

Dharma & karma are fantastic tools of control for any guru (and his “teachers”) they are the ultimate in “magical thinking” because they alter the perception of the devotees in such a way as to make them ever more obedient the more they take these concepts on board. The causes of karma & what needs to be done to earn dharma are of course completely at the discretion of the guru !

These things arrived in the west mainly via “Theosophy” and have become the backbone of the “new age” movement, & various cults you wouldn’t normally think related to Buddhism at all such as est, some people who would sue if I mentioned them lol and even a lot of “management culture” (training courses etc), and of course online groups that pose as forums ( ie Bacon Hat’s project)

The psychology of people drawn to cults is a large part of why they even exist at all, and in the main these people are above average intelligence, are well educated & are quite sensitive people.

They often are at a crisis point or have serious nagging questions about life, death, the mind, the soul & consciousness that no one seems to not only not have answers to, but won’t even discuss them.

So one day something happens & they find themselves at a lecture or “meditation practice” and suddenly people are talking about these things and that’s it, they start to be reeled in.

The word “compassion” is used and seems to have quite a strong effect on some individuals, which is curios because compassion is fairly everyday in the west, it’s in the east it is not a natural part of the culture, look at their human rights records & what the Japanese did in Machuria & to POWs in the 30’s & 40’s.

The curious thing is that the information presented to people & the meditation practices actually make them feel worse about them selves, but because “answers” to these newly discovered “problems” are promised the poor unsuspecting “student” is drawn in, and the more the student does “practices” the further & further they are drawn in.

There are two main avenues that the above operates down, the first is by “self observation” & the student is guided to find endless faults in themselves, of course the solutions to these problems comes at a price…..

The second is by practices such as meditation, techniques taught for this are largely nonsense, but some incense and other props give it all an air of seriousness, the student who has never thought to observe their own thought or try to stop thinking is suddenly faced with some thing that sounds ridiculously simple yet they find impossible, no one wants to quit over some thing that sounds so simple as stopping thinking, and anyway isn’t it supposed to improve you & lead to enlightenment ?

This backed by a philosophy that dictates that the person should strive to “be nothing” and that their lives are “worthless”, that they should strive to be free of “ego” and desires, esp desires that are hardwired into all mammalian organisms and are as such impossible to shut off, sexual repression being key to total control, because now the guru controls the students endocrine system & has total control.

Tibetan buddhism has a few bizarre aspects to it, one is that for anything anyone tells you about it there are a bunch of people who will refute it, which leaves everything open to deception & lies.

The western view of TB is that there is a lot of meditation involved, this is not the case it’s mainly rituals, the purpose of which are to worship “entities” some of which are clearly demons, shugden being a case in point.

TB has some very dark aspects to it, the obsession with dharma that binds the devotee to the guru not only in this life by afterwards is especially sinister, the threats for going against the dictats of the guru are usually to do with this aspect of TB, and often involve huge periods of time in hell.

It all sounds very much like deception rules at every level.


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