The Herb Which Makes You Telepathic

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The Herb Which Makes You Telepathic

Post by Ria on Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:20 pm

MUST SEE! The Herb Which Makes You Telepathic [NEW FROM FORBIDDEN TV]
The Kev Baker Show 

Published on 13 Jan 2017CHRIS EVERARD presents a special TV show for the Kev Baker Show... In this episode, we take you on a psychedelic mystery tour and investigate the powerful mind bending sacred plants which inspired the great religions… These ancient plants were traded by the prehistoric druid cultures of Europe, the Olmecs of Mexico and the Pharaohs of Egypt… Some of these plants triggered TELEPATHIC psychic communication between magicians and the spirit world - and we visit crypts and temples where there are carvings and paintings that suggest some kind of psychic-electrical technology was used by the magicians of ancient Egypt…

This technology worked rather like an amplifier - but it was not amplifying sound - it was amplifying brain waves, and boosting people’s telepathic powers…

We also show you how the world’s first electronics billionaire, Sir Charles William Siemens, founded the world’s biggest electronics corporation based on his experiments which he conducted on top of the summit of the Great Pyramid…

We also return to the Temple of Denderah and discover a Hieroglyph which represents ELECTRICITY - this hieroglyph does not appear in any dictionary of Egyptian writing - and proves that the apparatus carved into the crypt walls of the Temple of Hathor was used to generate some kind of electrical aura and facilitate communication with the spirit world… Watch the entire series on the ENIGMA CHANNEL The Enigma Channel is like Wikileaks but instead of reading documents about secret subjects, you can put your feet up and watch thousands of documentaries about secret subjects.

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