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Post by norman on Fri Mar 03, 2017 5:44 pm

That stupid woman should stop and think who she would be putting into power. It's a crying shame that she won't until it's done and all hope for humanity has been fed through the mincer.

It looks like Kiev a couple years ago. If I had the chance, I'd pop Soros myself, gladly.

Black is White and White is Black. If you haven't yet seen/listened to the interview with the Soviet defector I posted in the other thread, please do. It's not Soviet Russia that is the driving entity, it's the cabal who created it, and they are coming for us right now with the same method with enhancements and it's already got to stage 4.

I find myself revisiting the hypothesis I had in mind a couple months before the election. That there's a bigger strategy than this single layer of political hype and thirst for a national patriot vs. a thirst for mindless abstract universal justice.

Is it possible that Trump and his inevitable supporters were pulled ( Judo style ) beyond the punch they thought they were throwing at the cabal. Was Trump and all of us tricked into this scenario that so perfectly sets up the situation for a color revolution in the mightiest nation on earth.

I dread to envision it, but I'm beginning to see glimpses of Trump painfully and reluctantly handing back his victory 'for the sake of peace in the land'.

The pileup of forces and gear on the Russian border is making more sense to me now. In the big scheme of things, it would make perfect sense for Putin ( the first to reject globalism ) to come to Trump's aid in the coming year. He can't if there is a force ready to roll into Russia if he redirects power onto the American mainland.

It's highly likely that Trump has no control over the "US" forces lined up against Russia. The leaders of that force are probably rebels who prepared for this Trump win by breaking away and positioning themselves apart from whatever the Pentagon under Trump does. They have chosen their side and chosen the starting position they want to kick off from, right at Putin's underbelly.

It really could be a division of military forces drawing up the landscape of the first battle, or more likely a stand off to convince the others not to do anything at all but surrender to the NWO.

Trump needs time. His enemies don't intend to give him any.

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