What, Who can we trust?

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What, Who can we trust?

Post by Ria on Tue Apr 25, 2017 8:37 pm

OK I'm not pro any religious group so I don't want to judge this because it's run by a Christen organisation.

Everything is so extreme, that I'm reacting 'is this for real'? 
'Has the human species sunk this low'? 
'Is this a ruse'? 'A stunt for money'?
Are ISIS soldiers Muslims anyway?...given that the CIA created them. Are these subjects of MKAltra? 

Muslims Kidnap Children, Cut Them To Pieces And Place The Body Parts In Front Of Their Parent’s Home, The Muslims Give The Parents A Video Showing The Muslims Raping Their Children Before Slaughtering Them

Such horrors are not just happening in the Middle East or in the Islamic world, but they are occurring at a very intense degree in Mexico.
A woman tried to sell her own daughter to the Mexican cartel so that they could take her body parts in exchange for money. This is how evil and dark the world is becoming. Thank God for a local Christian orphanage who rescued the girl from the satanic cartel. Shoebat.com interviewed Chuck Bays, a Christian missionary who works with the orphanage, on this horrific story:

For the full story here:

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