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Post by BooBoo on Mon Mar 14, 2016 1:43 am

I didnt know signing in is a challenge anymore, i mean if you made it any more easier, i would be shocked and embarresed to even pick up a mouse, my challenge is keeping up with the damm X, it keeps moving around er'ver time i log in, now you trying finding the X after a few, and your all frog-eyed and cant see sh*
But that is only if i get lucky enough to find the bug, house, key, and dam clock, watch, world, music note, heart, i dont know how many of those rotating images are to click on, but trying to catch one of em, before i hit the X is just impossable to do, you know what i mean, cause you do the same dam thing!
So, therefore i have put together a list of what i go thru to log-in:
1. Im to stupid to bearly get my name in and password in the blocks.
Before i even try to put in my password im looking for the dam X to find, ima chasing that sucker down, then i see it, and end up hitting the stupid X ANYWAY..........HA, YOU PLONKER !
2. Hell that was just the first beer and try, now i get to the Images and there again its "Lets pick sum'en" now come on you asking me if im human.........
hell no, i aint human, well now that aint the right kinda attutidue..........
so just to screw with you, see if your smart enuff to find a image,
before you you can hit that stupid X..........HA, YOU PLONKER !
3. Now, Im im getting a little ticked at this, ticked you mean hit the clock, i did, guess what
4. Dam nation, this is really bad now, do i get a reward for being the best dam plonker ?
5. OK, clear my throat, sit up straight, un cross my eyes, put the beer mug down, im going to get it this time, ha !
6. User Name: Check
Password: Check
Correct Image: Check
Now click the button marked X: Check
I go to hit the X;
The freaking, fracking, flipping power goes out: Check
7. Screw it, im to stupid: Check

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Re: Plonker

Post by Ria on Mon Mar 14, 2016 10:30 am

It has my name on it Boo Boo

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