RICHPLANET 2017 Tour, video "on the road"

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RICHPLANET 2017 Tour, video "on the road"

Post by Spiral on Wed May 17, 2017 12:30 am

Published on 16 May 2017

A light hearted video charting the 2017 Richplanet road trip. Richard is joined by a number of eccentric characters on his lecture tour around the UK. Full DVD is available which includes both lectures covering mainstream media fake reality, research into the Bridgend suicides, Neil Armstrong statement analysis, NATO and its alleged involvement in the targeting of UFOs and many more issues. If you don't like schoolboy humour this particular video might not be for you. It features "The Poet in the Pub", Mark Taylor (Richplanet Roadie), Wilson and Blackett (Arthurian historians), Nick Kollerstrom, Carl James and more.

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