The Insane Censorship Of Vaccination Truths

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The Insane Censorship Of Vaccination Truths

Post by Spiral on Thu Apr 07, 2016 9:08 pm

Published on 7 Apr 2016

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes to the premier of Vaxxed in NYC and interviews the main producer of the film Del Bigtree. The controversial film was pulled from the Tribeca film festival by Robert De Niro after a media backlash, but was able to premier at another theater.

The film is currently playing in limited theaters in NYC to find out more check out

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Re: The Insane Censorship Of Vaccination Truths

Post by ronin on Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:41 am

The other side of insanity is from my experience with the parents of children with Aspergers or Autism is.....

The parent is happy that the child has been diagnosed as this can take up many years for a full diagnosis.
Once the parent knows that their child has a learning difficulty,they accept it as gospel.

i have a nephew who has Autism and the mother feeds off the attention because he is different and shows no fear and focuses on certain topics until another topic arises.
i have sent links to what has caused autism and links on how to undo what has been done.
By this i mean that the injections have done the damage to the brain by short circuiting the electrical impulses of the brain synapses.

there are a few people who have put up you tube videos explaining the development of children with autism and aspergers by changing their diet that helps the regrowth of the synapses.

Yet the parent will not listen and is fully satisfied with the diagnosis of the their child.

another incident,a guy was telling me about his child and how severe he is with his autism and how it is affecting himself and his wife.
so i mentioned to him to reseach the MMR,s,autism,aspergers and natural cures.

has he done so no.....
how concerned his he and how much of there ego is shouting pity me because we have a child with autism or aspergers.

both parents never even acknowledged that there might be a cure for these illnesses.
that in turn showed me the level of which they cared for their child and themselves or/and just how brainwashed they are.

My grandson was over a few week ago and it was mentioned that he had had his first MMR.
So i mentioned the dangers and so forth and the response was...

"well we all had our MMR and nothing is wrong with us"

How can one help people when they do not want to be helped?
Offering options that may or may not help their child but they are even unwilling to entertain your comments.

what i see in both cases is that the parent is happy that their child has been diagnosed and that is final.
what i do not see is that are not doing there research as into how and why there child has this illness and if it can be cured through any means that is available,if it is?

I have told them to do there research look at the causes and they agree half-hearted that MMR,s are responsible.
i ask them to look at GC MAF and organic food and you know they cannot be arsed because they have a child with a illness that they only know and they do not want to change it.


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Re: The Insane Censorship Of Vaccination Truths

Post by Tonz on Fri Apr 08, 2016 11:09 am

this is so real on every level ,similar is the brain washing with cancer.

A friend oft he family , not close friends but still, was doing quimo and loosing the fight. but before she started and during i told her about , ph levels of the body and alkaline / acid levels that are needed the reach so the a mutated blood cell will die of its own accord ,if you create the environment for it to die. of course the opposite is the intention , creating an alkaline body so that only healthy blood cells can live . its not difficult to achieve , but she , as you say ronin, half hearted listened and could not fault what i was saying , but she continued with the quimo and died within weeks...........

There is one at work with his son with Asperger and another thingo , ,, always looking for the sympathy but never interested to try alternative methods as they have suffered so they know better and get the sympathy and the funding. I think it as ''victims choice'' ... Its what they want !

I know this sounds a little cruel. But over all, thats what I see.

We are never lost as we are always here.

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Re: The Insane Censorship Of Vaccination Truths

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