Yellowstone Alert !!!

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Yellowstone Alert !!!

Post by Spiral on Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:28 am

I meant to post this the other day but forgot Piicard facepalm

Published on 6 Apr 2016

Everything is down at the UUSS site were i usually check on Yellowstone charts. The regular Yellowstone site isn't right either. Not Trying to UPSET anyone with this. Not 100% sure this is all right but if it is EVERYONE better pay attention. The sorce in the past has been right about 90% of the time when i have gotten things from here and the link is below. I suggest that you do your own research and lets all work together on this , to see what we can find. Lets all pray this isn't true.
The purpose of this article and the intent of the authors is merely to report news of an unusual outage of important public information. It seems wise to us to explain what's at stake if, Heaven forbid, something were to go wrong at Yellowstone. We cannot emphasize enough, we have no word whatsoever of anything wrong right now and you should NOT panic or change your life in any way at all on account of this report. Just be aware. Someone decided they didn't want the public to be able to see the seismic activity anymore; at least in the manner we had all become accustomed.

We have a feeling this is not good. (good link )


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