Government and in detail.

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Government and in detail.

Post by Monk on Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:40 pm

Government and Vril: Underground slavery, cloning, vril-hosts, reanimated dead and NWO agenda finally exposed in detail

Government and Vril: Underground slavery, cloning, Vril hosts and NWO agenda finally exposed in detail.

This is the secret mankind was not meant to know, what JFK tried to exposed and why once people know the truth all the elites evil plans are going to backfire in their faces. New information has come to light regarding why "some" non humans are here and their agenda. This agenda is what many now believe J.F.K. was going to expose and the reason why he was killed. A vast underground web of evil exists. If there was a "hell" truly this is it. Once you review the material i think you will agree. the implications of this technology used in the wrong hands as it is now is frightening to say the least.

The videos below make up the evidence we are presenting as disclosure. Some documents you may be familiar with but it's the ones just coming to light that are the most disturbing. Truly we are not alone and never have been.

Normally we would think that the day of disclosure would be one to party and rejoice for but the reality of this truth leaves little room for rejoicing as it paints a very grim picture.

I think the scariest thing about this is simply that it actually explains just about everything. Sadly it's not the disclosure we had hoped for. While the great majority of et races are benevolent their are malevolent forces that have now been exposed.

Disclosure may not have come in the form you expected but after you watch the video evidence below i think you will agree that you just experience disclosure like never before. The truth of the matter isn't pretty. We need to expose this evil slavery and put a stop to it, peacefully and diplomatically when possible. We can see our enemy like never before and they have names and addresses. We know who many of them are now. We can create heaven on earth.

Of course you have to question even this if you are one set on discovering the ultimate truth.  We have been warned for a long time that the Illuminati's last card would be that they would put on a false flag ufo/alien invasion and is that not what this seems to be?  If we are to believe this information and took action what would those actions be and who would stand to profit?

The creation of a NWO seems to many as something that would be a must if we are to come together to defeat this evil but that's exactly what the elites want. A NWO if done right a NWO could bring heaven on earth. If it was based on need, real sharing of wealth and a system based on prosperity with "life and love" holding value above all else but we know the elites want to create a totalitarian nwo, a planet of slaves.

The international common law courts have put out arrest warrants for the Queen, Canadian prime minister and others for crimes against humanity including genocide specifically the killing of thousands of Indian children in Canada and that's just for starters of what these monsters have done and been caught doing, imagine what horrors they still have hidden.  Whether these cloning centers are a real result of naturally evolved events in our timeline or manufactured events to push an agenda there is no covering up the fact that the suffering is real. with over 200,000 people going missing and never seen again EVER in America each year alone you have to wonder where they are all going? Also cloning centers are usually located in National Parks, oddly enough national parks are a hot spots for people going missing.

The investigative videos below show beyond a doubt that there is a governmental body overseeing these kidnap operations and cloning centers world wide but remember they only make up an estimated 1-5%, they are hopelessly outnumbered. This evil must be stopped. We can peacefully co-exist but this suffering and slavery must be stopped. Please share this information and make it viral.

Note* the chips he is talking about that is the size of an apple seed is the RFID chip that Obama slipped into his "Obamacare" as MANDATORY!  Get chipped and they will control you at the touch of a button. Good thing a few states have already made Obamacare illegal with more states are following.

*******************************   THE EVIDENCE  ********************************

1. Illuminati insider Donald Marshall tells all.

1.1. i found a coded number message in Eminem's song rain man. "rain man" is a common term among those in the inner circle of elites, it refers to his hive mindset network. they say they put a microchip in your brain and hijack your natural genetic frequency then the elites can hack into your signal anytime they want and use consciousness transfer technology (think Avatar) to take over your body. when you sell your "soul" your actually selling your dna but more specifically the frequency your dna operates on. once they have that they can hack your mind just like you can change the channel on your tv. they change the channel on your mind and then they watch what they want, life through your eyes and your no longer at the wheel.

i've studied code breaking and i noticed at the end of Eminems song "rain man" he starts mumbling numbers. although the mumbling of numbers has been shown in movies it's not based on anything from a movie. The numbers Eminem says at the end is a code, if you can figure out the cypher you will unlock his message... which i did. his message is nothing short of amazing and horrifying at the same time.are you ready to know his message? ... are you sitting down?....bomb to drops in   3.....2........1!He just gave us the address to a cloning center. here's how....  if you are familiar with code breaking, or are a code breaker, this is a pretty simple code he's giving us. He wanted us to figure it out.if you add up his coded string of numbers and separate the number groups when he uses the key word "and" as the start of a new set of numbers then you add up those numbers you will get the number " 87,078,883 "  so what's the significance of that... just another random number right? ... wrong! it's a very specific number. rappers and artists of all types in the industry call it "the magic number".  87,078,883 has to do with the sequencing of DNA in genetic cloning. "ZO__Ea0008H08.r ZO__Ea Zingiber officinale cDNA clone ZO__Ea0008H08 3-, mRNA sequence" to be specific.  he's telling us a genetic identification marker. He's giving us the identification of a biological clone. he's screaming for help in his own way, the only way he can, in code.  cDNA means clone DNA. if you research this number you will soon find a government web site that is very VERY disturbing which is apparently a huge list, inventory, of clones that have been tag with genetic markers like cattle. It appears to be at first glance a biotechnology corporation but we all know what corporations do in secret, ANYTHING to make a profit. Human cloning has been in the news many times and many countries like Russia have openly shared their human cloning experiments with the public but there is still much going on behind the scenes, "back stage" if you will.

The submitter of the research is listed as:
SUBMITTERName: David R. GangLab: Department of Plant SciencesInstitution: The University of ArizonaAddress: Forbes Building Room 303, Tucson, AZ 85721-0036, USATel: 520 621 7154Fax: 520 621 7186E-mail:
CLONE INFOClone Id: ZO__Ea0008H08 (3')Plate: 0008 Row: H Column: 08DNA type: cDNA

This would be the perfect front for a human slave cloning operation. Eminem gave us this coded message for a reason. i think it warrants serious investigation. Why would Eminem want us to look at this man and/or this location?this is the web site:

1.2. Mythbusters not allowed to expose RFID chips.

2. Conspiracy Of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary)

3. People vanishing.

3.1. Celebrities tell all.

3.2. Illuminati Exposed 2013: Chemtrails, Atlantis, Clones, Drones & Vril Part 1/8

4. Just one of many victims. Pedophilia - Victim of Satanic Hollywood

5. Satanic Hollywood Part 1

6. Illuminati Mind Control Victim

7. Arizona Wilder Confessions from a illuminati victim mind control 1/ 10 LEGENDADO

8. Dr. Steven Greer presents "Contact & Disclosure: The Final Sequence"

9. The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4 - Mike Maloney

10. Illuminati Clones & The false promise of eternal life.

11. Illuminati Rituals interview with "Arizona Wilder "

12. Mariah Carey

13. Johnny Depp interview.Signs Of MK Ultra programming

14. Roseanne Barr talks about MK ULTRA mind control in Hollywood

15. Jesse Ventura - Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport

16. Britney Spears - breaking the ice "clone video"

17. Secret Society Documentary.

18. The Bilocation of Hillary Clone-Clinton

19. Peter Levenda- Sinister Nazi Forces and the Vril

20. A surprising report from the Iranian news agency, Fars News, claims that the US government has been secretly run since 1945 by "space aliens."

21. Selling your soul: The Luciferian Contract

22. Arrest warrants issued for the Queen and more for crimes against humanity.

23. Mcdonalds serving up human?

24. Eminem says he's a clone and the real Eminem is dead.

25. new hollywood movie: Congress - secret cloning theme.


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Re: Government and in detail.

Post by Ria on Fri Jul 08, 2016 7:06 am

Thanks for this and the ton of links. Very Happy
Much to get through 

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Re: Government and in detail.

Post by Monk on Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:19 pm

Ria wrote:Thanks for this and the ton of links. Very Happy
Much to get through 

Y'welcome m'dear and I have to admit, that Picture of the 3 Blue stooges could have saved me a lot of pain had I seen it a few years ago ........ Doh!


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Re: Government and in detail.

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