Bizzare Story of Aussie Family that all "Went Mad" ???

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Bizzare Story of Aussie Family that all "Went Mad" ???

Post by Spiral on Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:24 pm

The children of missing Victorian man Mark Tromp say it’s a relief to have their dad back for Fathers Day.

Mr Tromp is currently being cared for friends and family in Wangaratta where he was found on Saturday night after a five-day search, his son Mitchell says. Mitchell Tromp and his sister Ella declined to comment on what led to the bizarre events that resulted in Mr Tromp going missing and his mother and sister ending up in hospital, saying it is now the subject of a police investigation.

“The main thing is everything worked out well,” he told reporters. “We’re just happy that dad’s alive and that he’s going to come back home.”

Mr Tromp was found at 5.50pm yesterday, safe and well, by police in the regional city of Wangaratta, after being spotted by a passer-by.

Mr Tromp had been missing after his wife was admitted to hospital in NSW, sparking a national manhunt.

His disappearance and the discovery of his wife Jacoba sparked a wave of speculation about the family.

Family denied that the successful businessman was suffering financial problems, with claims the pair believed they were being chased.

The family left their farmhouse without mobile phones or bank and credit cards, exacerbating police concern.

What we know so far

Authorities had been searching for Mark Tromp since Tuesday, after the family was reported missing and police found their Silvan home unlocked and abandoned.

Mark and his wife Jacoba drove off to NSW with their three adult children, Riana, Mitchell and Ella, on Monday, leaving passports, credit cards and many of their mobile phones behind.

By Tuesday morning, Mitchell left the group near Bathurst and made his way to Melbourne via Sydney.

Then Riana and Ella left their parents at Jenolan caves and headed to Goulburn. There, the two daughters split up; Riana was found “catatonic” hiding in the back of a local man’s ute and Ella drove herself back to Melbourne. Jacoba was found on Thursday in a Yass hospital and has since been transferred to Goulburn hospital where Riana is also being treated.

Police say both women are in a fragile mental state.

Mitchell told media on Thursday everyday pressures had got to the family and they just wanted to escape.

He said the trip descended into mounting trauma and distress. “I’ve never seen anything like it - it’s really hard to explain or put a word on it but they were just fearing for their lives and then they decided to flee,” he said.

How the bizarre mystery unfolded.Source:The Daily Telegraph

• Mark Tromp located near Wangaratta Airport

• Mark and Jacoba Tromp and their three adult children Mitchell, Ella and Riana leave their Silvan home on Monday, August 29

• The family left in Ella’s grey Peugeot and headed to NSW

• On Tuesday morning, Mitchell leaves the group near Bathurst and makes his way to Sydney and then catches a train to Melbourne

• Ella, Riana and parents make it to Jenolan Caves, about 150km west of Sydney

• At the caves, on Tuesday, the daughters leave their parents and make their way to Goulburn

• Ella and Riana split up at a Goulburn service station because they want to get home different ways

• Riana found under mental stress on the side of a road near Goulburn and stopped by police in her attempts to go home.

• Riana taken to hospital, where she remains

• NSW Police informs Victoria Police about the family

• Ella acquires a car, drives home and arrives at the family’s Silvan farm on Tuesday night while Victoria Police are there

• Mitchell arrives in Melbourne on Wednesday morning. At one point on the trip Mitchell admitted to having his mobile phone, but he voluntarily threw it out the window at Warburton.

• Ella’s Peugeot found in Victoria, in Wangaratta, on Wednesday night

• A man, believed to be Mark, seen running from the car.

• On Thursday, Jacoba Tromp is taken to Yass hospital by a passer-by who sees her in the NSW town


• How Mark and his wife became separated

• What the parents’ movements were after daughters left them

• Why the family was “emotionally traumatised”

Was this a trial of some mind control weapon I wonder ???? Nailbite

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Re: Bizzare Story of Aussie Family that all "Went Mad" ???

Post by norman on Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:49 am

Being 'farm' it would have been an easy target.

I think there might be a lot of possibilities to this story. They obviously agreed that the son should throw his phone out of the car, so my guess is they expected to be tracked. Why?... I dunno, but I'm not quite sure that fits the 'weapon' thing right.

I suppose the Victoria police would have done a search of the farm for tracks and signs of 'others' having been around the place at some point. If there are no signs of such, you are more likely right about a 'weapon'.

There again, helicopters !?

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Re: Bizzare Story of Aussie Family that all "Went Mad" ???

Post by Spiral on Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:10 am

If it was some kind of microwave device it could have been used from some distance away & there would be nothing for the police to see or find.

Not that they would be even looking for something like that anyway !

Another possibility could be something in the water supply or that they all ate ?

A more woo woo possibility is the "shared" psychosis, that would have to work along the lines of Rupert Sheldrakes "morphic field".

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Re: Bizzare Story of Aussie Family that all "Went Mad" ???

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