CJ Ransom: Close Encounter of the Star Kind and The Conehead Connection | EU2015

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CJ Ransom: Close Encounter of the Star Kind and The Conehead Connection | EU2015

Post by Spiral on Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:14 pm


Published on 29 Oct 2016

The idea of uniformity was used to support the claim that mythology was only created in the minds of the writers. Dr. Ransom will take the audience on a short journey through these ideas. He does not endorse any particular scientist’s theory about collisions but demonstrates that it is now acceptable for scientists to discuss the possibility of collisions between planets and that the Solar System is not in its original state.

The magazine Mental Floss said, “Nearly every culture has conical headgear. What’s the allure of being a conehead?” This presentation addresses the ubiquity of the cone hat and a potential cause of the “allure.”

Dr. C.J. Ransom received his PhD in Plasma Physics from The University of Texas at Austin. He joined an engineering group at General Dynamics in Fort Worth, Texas and developed electro-optics equipment, infrared (IR) detection devices and simulated infrared (IR) guided missiles using analog and digital methods. He also developed non-destructing testing techniques for crack detection in aerospace vehicles. This included IR, ultrasonic and magnetic techniques. Dr. Ransom later joined Bell Helicopter where he managed a technical computing group. He also directed the Department of Defense’s Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support (CALS) program for Textron, the parent company of Bell Helicopter. Dr. Ransom taught graduate software testing in the Texas Christian University Computer Science Department. He was on the committee that developed a software engineering graduate program at Southern Methodist University. After retiring, Dr. Ransom founded Vemasat Research Institute. Since its origin in 2004, Vemasat personnel have published a number of papers. The work is mainly concerned with analysis of the plasma effects in the Solar System and Universe.

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Re: CJ Ransom: Close Encounter of the Star Kind and The Conehead Connection | EU2015

Post by Tonz on Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:21 pm

he is very slow isn't he but very clear...ya learn something in every presentation don't ya.

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