Bases 67 Ayin Thropos ; Rituals in Mexico

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Bases 67 Ayin Thropos ; Rituals in Mexico

Post by Spiral on Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:46 pm

Published on 11 Jul 2017

Ayin Thropos, Durward King Mahon, is an initiate of the OTO. His family has direct connection to the creation of The National Security State, through his uncle George Mahon, who wrote the cheques for every main agency in the US from Nasa on wards. Here we show him with Werner von Braun, NASA Administrator James Webb, and JFK.

This is a Skype interview and suffers from lip sync issues, as is the nature of SKYPE as its monitored en-route via 3rd party snoopers.

Moving on, Thropos demonstrates his family's "dominator" status.
In this series of interviews he recounts his experience with a number of Ceremonies in Mexico. He gives his full account in some detail in Parts 2 and 3 of a Luciferian Satanic Ritual, in some graphic detail.
Originally interviewed in November ,this is a take 2 as the first Skype had unrecoverable issues.
He has supplied numerous high quality video inserts and stills to illustrate his experiences.

In Part 3, he gives his own edit based on his recordings of the Skype on his side in Austin Texas, a first for Bases, where it is encouraged for witnesses and experiencers o give their own version of events in their own way.
He also visited the museum in Peru where a vast number of Long Skulls are kept, and shows some images of different

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