The Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation-- Newsletter # 2

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The Dr. Edgar Mitchell FREE Foundation-- Newsletter # 2

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If this isn't an NSA psy-op I don't know what is Piicard facepalm

The Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters, FREE


   We are honored to publicly introduce the Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE)-- a Not for Profit co-founded by the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell (Apollo 14 Astronaut), Dr. Rudy Schild (Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics at Harvard University), researcher Mary Rodwell from Australia, and Rey Hernandez an Attorney and Experiencer .

   Harvard Emeritus Professor Dr. Rudy Schild is the Executive Director of FREE.

   Before his death, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, in a video recording, expressly gave his permission to allow FREE to be named in his legacy.

   FREE was formally incorporated as a Not for Profit Research Organization on July 15, 2015.  FREE has been established by various retired Ph.D. Physicists, Ph.D. Scientists, Ph.D. Psychologists, Ph.D. Neuroscientists and lay researchers to facilitate investigations into “UFO related contact experiences with non-human intelligent beings (NHIB) and associated paranormal activity, from a grounded and rigorous scientific foundation”.    

   FREE’s Mission will focus on “Research, Education and Support” but we will primarily focus on scientific investigation, through surveys and interviews, on individuals who have had UFO related contact experiences with non-human intelligent beings and eventually to compare this UFO related contact group with individuals that have had other types of paranormal contact experiences through the following “Contact Modalities”:  NDE contact, OBE contact, Shamanic Hallucinogenic contact, Mystical Meditation contact, Channeling, Lucid Dreaming Contact, Remote Viewing contact, and other types of human encounters with non-human intelligence, and related paranormal contact experiences.


   FREE is conducting the world's first comprehensive academic research study on individuals that have had UFO related contact experiences with a Non-Human Intelligent Being (NHIB).  The 2 Co-Chairs of our Research Committee are Dr. Jon Klimo (retired Ph.D. Professor of Psychology) and Dr. Bob Davis (retired Ph.D. Professor of Neuroscience).  (Review our “Research Methodology”)

   Our research study is comprised of 2 quantitative surveys (Phase 1 and 2) and two qualitative instruments (Phase 3 and 4).  Phase 1 and 2 is comprised of 600 quantitative forced choice questions.  Phase 3 is comprised of written responses to 70 open-ended questions.   Phase 4 will involve formal interviews of the top 300 cases.  Our Phase 4 Interviews will begin in September of 2016.  

   Our surveys are 100% “Anonymous” and for Phase 1 and 2 we instructed respondents to answer the survey questions based only upon “Conscious Explicit Memories” and not hypnotic regressions.

   As of August 1, 2016, we have received over 2,600 responses to our surveys in the English language and over 500 responses to our surveys in the Spanish language.  We will soon be launching surveys in French and German and hopefully other major languages in the future.  

   Our initial survey findings, based upon 3,100 survey responses, totally contradict what is being circulated in the Internet and in the Ufology field.  The following are some initial findings derived from these Experiencers of UFO Contact and contact with Non Human Intelligence.

   Over 75 % of Experiencers have viewed their experiences as “Positive” while only 15% have viewed their experiences as “Negative”

   85% have undergone major transformations for the Positive (more spiritual, less egotistical, more concern for the environment, less concern for monetary values, etc);

   Only 32% of individuals who have both seen a UFO and have had contact with a Non-Human Intelligence have had what is commonly called an “Abduction”; Thus, 68% of Experiencers of UFO Contact with Non-Human Intelligence are NOT ABDUCTEES!

   450 individuals have had “conscious” memories of being aboard a craft;

   80% have had an Out of Body Experience;

   66% have received telepathic messages;

   The “Energy Beings (55%)and the “Human Looking Beings” (54%) are the most common type of being seen by Experiencers;

   55% have had “missing time”;

   50% have reported a medical healing by a non-human intelligent being (NHIB);

   the majority of Experiencers have seen non-human intelligent being (NHIB) more than 10 times;

   35% have had a Near Death Experiences;

   395 individuals believe they have participated in an “Alien Breeding Program”;

   95% of Experiencers have had some type of “paranormal” experience;

   100 individuals have reported a MILAB or Military/Non-Governmental Human Abduction;

   83% of Experiencers believe that the non-human intelligent beings (NHIBs) are somehow related to the “Spirit World”.  

   There appears to be a very strong relationship between NDEs and UFO related Contact (OBEs, Telepathic Communication with Human Looking Beings, both groups experience numerous physical and psychic changes such as increased ESP skills, ability to see energy fields, effects on electrical devices, medical healings, “Spirit World” connections, and many other similarities)

For a detailed audio review of our research data, please review this Radio Interview:

All of our Phase 1 and Phase 2 data findings from our 600 questions is available to the public in

the menu titled “Experiencer Research” in our website:


FREE also continues with its mission of assisting the Experiencer of these contact experiences through our Support Programs which are more thoroughly detailed in our website and include the following:  

   Experiencer Support Referral List:  We have published the FREE Experiencer Support Referral List containing over 200 world-wide therapists ready to assist Experiencers.  The list contains the following:  1) License Mental Health Therapists; 2) Support Groups; 3) Regression Therapists; 4) Energy Healers.

   Peer to Peer Support Program:  FREE also has a Peer to Peer support program that has assisted over 400 individuals over an 18 month period via support telephonic calls.  To request support please email FREE at

   Experiencer Liberation Day:  FREE, and over 30 Experiencer organizations around the world, are collaborating on a social movement for Experiencers to “Come Out of the Closet--  A Liberation Movement for Experiencers”.  We have assembled 30 of the major Support organizations and providers of Experiencer Support that is beginning to work under one unified umbrella.  We already have had 2 meetings with all of these organizations and hope to have a unified worldwide support organization in the very near future.  To participate, email us at:

   Please listen to Mary Rodwell explain the need for these FREE support Programs:


FREE has been established to provide a working environment for scientists, lay investigators, and first-hand experiencers of non-human contact to enter into collaboration and to foster ongoing conversation addressing some of the most profound, but often unacknowledged mysteries that confront human society today.  To this effort, FREE has established the following Education Programs which are more thoroughly detailed in our website:  

   FREE Website: The primary educational vehicle that FREE utilizes is our new website.  We have identified 5 major thematic topic areas that will contain numerous articles and documents.  These 5 major areas are as follows:  

   Modalities of Contact;

   The Science and Physics of Consciousness;

   Experiencer Research Program;

   Experiencer Support Program; and

   Experiencer Education Program.  

   Experiencer Chat Room and GIS:  FREE will also have a secure Experiencer Chat Room; numerous videos; a Geographic Information System (GIS) program for organizing both HIC (Human Initiated Contact) sessions as well as organizing Experiencer Support Groups in your location;

   Out of the Closet Experiencer Videos:  FREE will assemble hundreds of Experiencer videos, each no longer than 10 minutes, where they share who they are and a short description of their experiences.  These will be Experiencers literally “Coming Out of the Closet” and informing humanity that indeed these experiences are very real.  What would be the impact if thousands of Experiencers from all sectors of society (Doctors, Lawyers, Academics, Firemen, Police Officers, Housewives, Factory Workers, Business owners, etc) post a short 10 minute video where they identify who they are, where they live and a brief description of their ET Contact Experiences?  The result will be to encourage other Experiencers to “Come Out of the Closet”.  Our objective is to have thousands of these videos that will eventually encourage humanity to realize the validity of this phenomenon.  These videos, and instructions on how to complete and send them to FREE, will be placed in our website.

   Educational Workshop Roundtable Videos:  FREE will undertake live bi-monthly videos that will be recorded live and then placed on our FREE website.  The format will be a “roundtable" format, comprised of 3-4 academic professors and lay researchers, who will conduct a debate on a diversity of topic areas.   Examples of such topics can be:  What is Consciousness?; What is the ET Agenda?; Are these Entities Negative or Positive?; Is a Hybridization of Humanity Taking Place?; Are these Entities involved in a Spiritual Transformation of Humanity?”; Are “Abductions” the only form of ET Contact?, etc, etc.  Every 2 months we will have a different topic.  These Bi-Monthly Educational Workshop Roundtable Videos will be placed on our website.  

   International Experiencer Conference:  FREE is organizing a worldwide coalition of the major organizations who are working with Experiencers/Contactees/Abductees to initiate a 3 day International Experiencer Conference that will be broadcast “LIVE” via Video Conferencing for a nominal fee to cover our costs.  The Conference is expected to take place in the summer of 2018.  The goal is to have the conference in Orlando, Florida in the summer of 2018 that can be seen live in person and via live video worldwide.  The video feed will be translated into several major languages to promote a worldwide audience.  A small fee will be charged for both options.  

   FREE Presents “Awakening to Contact” TV Show:  FREE is in the process of developing a ‘sizzler demo reel', developed by a crew of TV production professionals, for a proposed one hour TV show.  The show’s title shall be “FREE PRESENTS AWAKENING TO CONTACT.”  The title was derived from Mary Rodwell’s (FREE Co-Founder) book titled “Awakening:  How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life.”   The show will involve a new Experiencer each week that has allowed FREE to publicize his/her case.  The objective will be to bring scientific credibility to this phenomenon, while fully respecting the Experiencer who has been ridiculed in almost all previous TV documentaries regarding this phenomenon.  

   FREE College Lecture Series:  FREE will initiate and promote to all of the major colleges and universities a lecture series on our FREE Organization discussing our various programs including our FREE Experiencer Research Project.  FREE will utilize various members of our Board of Directors to make these presentations.  FREE views our target audience humanity in general instead of the mainstream Ufology field which still is stuck in a narrow shallow pit of approaching the complex and interdisciplinary topics that FREE is promoting from a continued limited rational materialistic mindset.    


Proposed Title:  "The Physics of Contact with NonHuman Intelligence".  

   Documentary Trailer:

   The purpose of this documentary is to present ground-breaking science and physics concepts, in an entertaining and educational 90 minute documentary, about the multi-dimensional nature of our reality, involving the “Contact Modalities”--  the different ways that humans are having conact with non-human intelligence via UFO Contact , Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs), Mystical Meditation, Channeling, Lucid Dreaming, Remote Viewing, Shamanic Hullcinogenic Journeys, contact with ghosts/spirits, orbs, and other paranormal contact phenomena.  

   The 90 minute documentary will be divided into various concepts and segments.  For each thematic concept we will present a mixture of comments from “Experiencers” of these paranormal contact experiences and expert analysis by Ph.D. physicists from leading academic institutions.  Members of FREE’s Board of Directors will be prominently featured and we shall utilize data from our ongoing Experiencer Research Study and from the NDE literature.  3D animation graphics will also be utilized to present these topics and concepts in an entertaining and informative manner.  

   FREE has identified 8 Ph.D. physics professors and 6 other Ph.D. scientists who have committed to appear in our documentary to explain the science and physics of the UFO and NDE Contact Phenomenon.

   FREE will be raising funds through contributions from various “Investors” via legal Promissory Notes.  We believe that this documentary project will be commercially viable and will have worldwide circulation.  The documentary will be produced in multiple languages.

   FREE will be seeking investors to fund this major documentary whose goal is to inform humanity, via a Netflix and other major cable TV sources, in multiple languages, that will inform the public of the science and physics of the Experiencer Contact Phenomena.  The documentary will introduce to the audience the concept of what are the Contact Modalities but will specifically focus on the NDE and UFO related contact experiences.     FREE will also initiate various crowd sourcing initiatives.  

   Please review our website for more details on our documentary, “The Physics of Contact with NonHuman Intelligence”.  

   If you are interesting in becoming an “Investor” for this documentary or if you have any question about our documentary, please contact FREE at the following email address:

Last Interview of Dr. Edgar Mitchell:  Edgar is interviewed with Dr. Rudy Schild on the topics of:  the Physics of Contact; the Quantum Hologram; the Contact Modalities; our FREE Experiencer Research Study, our FREE Support Programs; and his personal research on ET Contact:

Dr. Rudy Schild (Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics at Harvard University)

Executive Director

The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial  Encounters (FREE)




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