Didcot Update & Freedom of Speech : R D Hall

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Didcot Update & Freedom of Speech : R D Hall

Post by Spiral on Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:55 pm


Published on 3 Sep 2016

Starting with some important new information about the Didcot investigation. I have been contacted by Jed Allen's friend Aaron Farmer who has provided some new information. I have had very positive feedback from the film and also information from people who live in Didcot about drug gang activity in the area. I also speak to Tony Bennett about government attempts to bring in legislation to limit freedom of speech under the guise of "extremism". They have not provided a satisfactory definition of what they mean by extremism. If you want to make a law against something it must be clearly defined. Tony Bennett also talks about the Brenda Leyland incident. Brenda was labelled an internet troll for posting messages on the internet about the Madeleine McCann case. She was doorstepped by Sky News then shortly after allegedly committed suicide.



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