Why has Teresa May barred a U.S. Journalist from the UK

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Why has Teresa May barred a U.S. Journalist from the UK

Post by Ria on Fri Aug 12, 2016 9:28 am

High level child abuse cover-up?
Why has Teresa May barred a U.S. Journalist from the UK

Posted by Tom Pride in hopeless naivety

(not satire – it’s coalition UK)
A US investigative journalist has been completely barred from visiting the UK by the UK Border Agency – headed by Home Secretary Theresa May – after it was discovered the reporter was investigating the existence of a very high-level paedophile ring centred around UK children’s homes.
The journalist – Leah McGrath Goodman – has been excluded from the UK for over a year now with no sign Ms May is willing to change her mind.
Ms Goodman’s blog can be seen here:


Why on earth has the Home Secretary agreed to this bizarre and unprecedented exclusion of an independent journalist who previously had a UK Tier-1 visa?
Is it because Ms May is afraid an independent journalist from outside the UK media establishment might be more likely to shine a light on fellow senior Tory Party members’ involvement in the growing child abuse scandal?
Over to you Theresa.


Here’s a petition on Change.org, urging the UK government to restore Ms Goodman’s UK Tier-1 visa:

Restore the visa of banned journalist Leah McGrath Goodman



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